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Impact of Puntilla Death Likely Limited in Colombia Underworld

The killing of Óscar Mauricio Pachón, alias "Puntilla", leader of the criminal band Los Puntilleros, is a high profile event but it is unlikely to have a major...
Óscar Mauricio Pachón, alias "Puntilla,"

Colombia Drug Lord Freed After Surprise Rulings

The leader of "Los Puntilleros," one of Colombia's most powerful criminals, has been released after a series of surprising judicial decisions, and will await...

Óscar Mauricio Pachón, alias ‘Puntilla’

Óscar Mauricio Pachón, alias “Puntilla,” is a drug trafficker who controlled a criminal network descended from paramilitaries in Colombia’s strategic...
Arrested criminal boss "Puntilla" Pachón

Colombia’s Wild East: a Cocaine Hub Without a Capo

The Colombian government claims it has forced the country's main criminal organization out of the remote Eastern Plains region, but the area's strategic value as a...
Luis Javier Rojas Morera was detained with $201,000 in cash

Arrest Suggests Colombia’s Congress Penetrated by Organized Crime

A recent scandal involving large sums of cash linked to underworld figures suggests the corrupting influence of Colombia's so-called BACRIM may have penetrated the...
Alias "Puntilla" was arrested on February 26

Colombia’s Eastern Plains Up for Grabs After Drug Lord Capture

Authorities have arrested a drug boss who went from stable boy for the Medellín Cartel to carving out a criminal empire of his own on Colombia's Eastern Plains,...

Has Colombia’s Next Narco Boss Emerged?

A new report stating that a shadowy drug trafficker, known as "Puntilla Pachon," has become Colombia's latest narco boss brings into question whether criminal...