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Puerto Rican drug trafficker Jose Figueroa Agosto

FBI Busts Caribbean’s ‘Most Powerful’ Drug Trafficking Group

The FBI has dismantled a major drug trafficking group in Puerto Rico that allegedly moved at least nine tons of cocaine into the United States over a period of five...
Jamaica gangs like Shower Posse have political roots

How Caribbean Organized Crime is Replacing the State

In Caribbean locations like the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, criminal groups have established clear-cut alliances with political parties and sectors of the...
A "narco-sub" intercepted by the Coast Guard

‘Drug Subs Using Venezuela-Puerto Rico Route’

Large quantities of cocaine are reportedly arriving to Puerto Rico via submarines originating from Venezuela, highlighting the evolving tactics used by drug...
Puerto Rico's radar system

Puerto Rico Activates Radar to Track Drug Trafficking

A newly inaugurated radar in western Puerto Rico will form a key part of the government's intensified campaign against drug trafficking, authorities...
Puerto Rico Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi

US to Boost Anti-Drug Violence Efforts in Puerto Rico

US authorities are set to invest millions of dollars to tackle drug and arms trafficking in Puerto Rico, according to the island's resident commissioner,...
Puerto Rican forces made dozens of arrests across the island

Puerto Rico Cracks Down on Domestic Drug Trade

In an operation apparently aimed at weakening the drug business inside Puerto Rico, police announced the arrest of 63 people across the island, accused of working...
US National Guard

Puerto Rico to Deploy National Guard to Fight Drug Trafficking

Puerto Rico's newly-inaugurated governor has announced the deployment of the National Guard along the island's coastline, as the US territory struggles to combat...
Miguel Vargas Maldonado

‘Dominican Presidential Candidate Took Bribes from Drug Lord’

The former lover of Puerto Rican drug lord Jose David Figueroa Agosto has accused a presidential candidate in the Dominican Republic of taking $300,000 in...

Puerto Rico Opposition Calls For Emergency Measures Against Crime

A leading opposition politician in Puerto Rico has called for the imposition of a state of emergency, citing rising crime that has killed almost 500 so far this...

US Busts Puerto Rican Drug Smuggling Ring

US authorities arrested over 30 people allegedly belonging to two drug smuggling rings operating out of a Puerto Rico airport, underscoring the country's importance...

Puerto Rico Increasing In Importance to Drug Traffickers: DEA

Puerto Rico has become a key transit point for cocaine bound for the United States thanks to increased pressure on the Mexico/US border, according to American drug...

Latin American Drug Traffickers Turn to Cults for Comfort

The ritual sacrifice of three people to Mexican drug cult figure Santa Muerte, and reports of Puerto Rican traffickers using a Caribbean faith to guide their...