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Prisoners outside Topo Chico prison in Monterrey, Mexico,

Mexico Government Prisons Study Glosses Over Riots, Abuse

A new government study of Mexico's prison system paints a relatively favorable portrait of penitentiary conditions -- at least in a regional context. But it also...
El Pedregal Prison, Medellín, Colombia

Sentenced Without Conviction: A Tale of Pretrial Detention in Colombia

On April 3, 2014, a dozen plainclothes police officers crashed through the door of Norbert Reinhart's Medellín apartment brandishing an arrest warrant for murder....
Camp Street prison destroyed during riot

Guyana Prison Riot, Fire Create Major Security Headache

A massive prison riot that occurred in Guyana's capital this past weekend could have serious ramifications on the country's overall security situation, while also...
Relatives of inmates outside Las Cruces prison in Acapulco

Mexico Prison Deaths Show Endemic Problems, Criminal Conflicts

A violent outbreak between rival gangs in a Mexico prison in the embattled state of Guerrero that left dozens of inmates dead reflects the fight for the local...
Gang members guarded by policemen outside El Salvador prison

Report Underscores Crime Reduction, Abuse by El Salvador Govt

A recent report by El Salvador's ombudsman credits the government's new security measures with reducing crime, but condemns their adverse impact on prisoners'...
The role of female gang members may be evolving in Honduras

Role of Female Gang Members Evolving in Honduras: Report

Female gang members in Honduras are taking a more active role in criminal activities as gang leaders are transferred into maximum security prisons, a Honduras...
President Nicolás Maduro

Venezuela’s Top Prison Official Out, But Permissive Policy Still In

Venezuela's President Nicolás Maduro announced the replacement of Prison Minister Iris Varela, but her policies that allowed criminal networks to flourish inside...
Mirna Cartagena, who did 8 years in jail for drug trafficking, during a 2012 interview with the author

Former Trafficker Reflects Trend of Growing Women Prison Population

Latin America's female prison population is growing faster than the number of men in jail, according to a recent report. InSight Crime's Senior Investigator Deborah...
José Virgilio Sánchez Montoya, alias “Pechocho"

Honduras Arrests Gang Member Thought to Already Be in Prison

Authorities in Honduras are investigating whether a recently captured alleged gang member escaped from prison unnoticed by swapping his identity with another...
This week's Facebook Live stream tackled prisons

Weekly InSight: Latin America’s Prison Dilemma

In our June 1 Facebook Live, co-directors Steven Dudley and Jeremy McDermott spoke about InSight Crime’s special investigation of prisons and their often...
88 inmates recently escaped from Parnamirim prison

Massive Jail Break Highlights Ongoing Turmoil in Brazil’s Prisons

Nearly 90 alleged gang members escaped from a prison in northern Brazil, yet another illustration of how criminal groups have usurped control of the country's...
"La Patrona" after her arrest in El Salvador

Guatemala Fugitive ‘La Patrona’ Recaptured in El Salvador

Authorities in El Salvador arrested a fugitive crime boss who had escaped from a Guatemala prison two weeks earlier, with officials from both countries crediting...