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Brazil Govt Dismisses Prison Torture Despite Mounting Evidence

A damning report stating that federal agents systematically tortured prisoners in Brazil's northern state of Pará have found little attention from President Jair...

Homeless People Abused to Smuggle Cell Phones in Costa Rica Jails

A group that used homeless people to smuggle cell phones and drugs into Costa Rican prisons is under investigation, the second time such a ring has been exposed in...

Venezuela’s Tren de Aragua Gang Seeks to Grow Inside Brazil Prisons

Members of Venezuela's large and dangerous Tren del Aragua gang are actively trying to expand their group's influence in the Brazilian prisons where they are...
The Piñero prison, in the city of Rosario, hold high-profile drug traffickers

Cash-for-Visits Ignites Battle in Infamous Argentina Jail

Relatives of imprisoned drug traffickers charged fees from other families to let them in to see their loved ones in an Argentine jail -- proof that prisons are...

Top 3 Security Challenges Awaiting Guatemala’s President-Elect

Alejandro Giammattei, a 63-year-old doctor linked to Guatemala’s right-wing elite, became the country’s president almost by surprise. After starting low in the...

Ecuador Inmates Killed Amid Prison Crisis

A string of inmate deaths after the deployment of extra troops and police to Ecuador's prisons illustrates that sending in reinforcements is not enough to end the...

Legal Loophole Allows Mexico Drug Lord Luxury Jail Conditions

One of Mexico’s richest drug lords lives in luxury in his prison cell, attended by a butler and a private chef, demonstrating that the country’s most...

El Salvador Inmates Defy Phone Ban With Toilet Paper, Toothpaste

A government crackdown on phone use in prisons has led inmates in El Salvador to adopt desperate measures to communicate with the outside world, including using...

El Salvador Gangs Use Hospital Staff to Pass On Criminal Orders

A network of corrupt hospital officials is allegedly helping imprisoned gang members communicate attack orders to other associates, in just the latest state...

Prison Break of Italian Mafia Boss Threatens Uruguay’s Reputation

The high-profile prison break of Italian mafia boss Rocco Morabito from prison in Montevideo has further called into doubt Uruguay's reputation as one of the...

Riots and Violence Overwhelm Venezuela’s Police Stations

A new type of "pranato," or prison boss, is flourishing inside Venezuelan police stations, where riots, escapes, extortion rackets and killings are now common in...

Colombia Police Stations Face Overcrowding and Escape Attempts

An escape attempt by detainees held at a Medellín police station shows that overcrowding in Colombia's prisons has affected smaller law enforcement facilities,...