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Brazil has some of the largest prison populations in the world

‘Volunteer’ Inmate Program Highlights Brazil Prison Crisis

A so-called voluntary work program in Rio de Janeiro prisons has highlighted long-term problems within Brazil’s crumbling penitentiary system, a breeding ground...

The Prison Kings of Guatemala

Guatemala’s most dangerous prison has a new king. Howard Wilfredo Barillas Morales, alias “Matazetas,” is the latest convict to control Pavón...

Belize Prison Offers Softer Touch than Latin American Counterparts

Latin America’s prison system has long had a reputation for being corrupt, often acting as an incubator for organized crime groups and their criminal activities....

Female Prisoners in Venezuela Become Cell Block Bosses To Survive

A new report about prisons in Venezuela shows how women have begun to assume criminal leadership roles within prisons, adopting positions usually associated with...

Systemic Colombia Prison Corruption Reaches Top Officials

Two jail directors and 120 workers within Colombia’s national prison system are accused of charging inmates for perks, including better housing, in a case that...

Brazen Paraguay Vehicle Theft Shows Minotauro’s Influence from Jail

Despite being jailed in a federal prison in Brazil, an alleged PCC gang leader continues to govern the Brazil-Paraguay border, suggesting that the government is...

Brazil Clampdown on Gang-Controlled Prisons Unlikely to Succeed

A recent prison crackdown in Brazil has sparked a violent response from the country’s most powerful organized crime group, but the government's measures lack...

Ceará Gang Truce Shows Brazil Government Could Be Common Enemy

The northern state of Ceará in Brazil has become a battlefield after government plans to clamp down on gang-controlled prisons were met with...

From Prison in Argentina, Monos Leaders Show Power

A violent attack on a courthouse days after the sentencing of 34 members of Argentina’s most notorious drug trafficking organization shows that the culmination of...

Legislation Challenges Efforts to Reduce Bolivia Female Prison Population

A new report says that progress made in lowering the number of marginalized women incarcerated for minor drug offenses in Bolivia is at risk of stalling unless...

Wave of Attacks Shows the Monos’ Power Still Intact in Argentina

A new wave of threats and violent attacks against judges, prosecutors and witnesses involved in the case against the Monos has the city of Rosario on tenterhooks...

El Salvador Congress Makes ‘Extraordinary’ Prison Measures Permanent

El Salvador's Congress passed a bill that makes permanent a previously temporary tightening of security measures in prisons, cementing a policy that has been...