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Honduras' police reform efforts have made progress, but could be undone

Could Upcoming Honduras Election Set Back Police Reform Progress?

An upcoming election in Honduras has called into question the future of a reform commission that has taken important steps toward cleaning up the country's police...
Ecuador's police force is one of the region's most trusted

Police Corruption Scandals Hit Well-Regarded Forces in Ecuador, Chile

In Ecuador and Chile, two of Latin America's most trusted police institutions have been hit by recent corruption scandals, a reminder that even the most...
Members of El Salvador's police

El Salvador Death Squad Suspects Freed, While Corrupt Cops Jailed

One group of police officers in El Salvador accused of running a death squad has been freed just as another group accused of trafficking illicit objects to inmates...
A member of the El Salvador police's FES unit

El Salvador Hesitant to Respond to Police Death Squad Allegations

The government of El Salvador has yet to provide a convincing response to allegations that senior officers of the national police created criminal networks within...
A Federal Police Unit takes up instruments to fight organized crime

Can Mariachi Cops Strum Away Mexico’s Security Blues?

Members of a federal police unit in Mexico have traded in their weapons for musical instruments in an effort to increase public trust in the institution, but doubts...
Kids behind bars in Brazil

Jails Help Turn Kids Into Criminals. In Belize, There’s a Better Way.

In recent years, heavy-handed strategies and mass incarceration have been the preferred tactics used by many politicians in the region. Now, facing evidence that...
Former Police Commissioner Jorge Alberto Barralaga

As Honduras Tackles Police Corruption, Security Indicators Improve

The arrest of a former police chief in Honduras is a sign of the country's efforts to address corruption and develop the capacities of the police, amid indications...
Elements of Rio de Janeiro's UPP

What LatAm Cities Can Learn From the Failures of Brazil’s UPP Policing Model

Community policing has become the go-to security strategy in the Americas. But as the case of the Rio de Janeiro's "pacification" policing experiment shows, its...
Riot police in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Why Police Reforms Rarely Succeed: Lessons From Latin America

As discussions about police reform abound throughout the Americas, Yanilda González, an assistant professor at the University of Chicago, examines the implications...
Mexican federal police on patrol

Mexico’s Police are Overworked, Underpaid and Understaffed: Report

New statistics on Mexico's police paints a picture of an overworked, underpaid and understaffed force that is not concentrated where there are the most public...
Police training is lacking in new criminal justice system, experts say.

Six Shortcomings of Mexico’s New Justice System

Mexico's new justice system went into effect in June 2016. But because the law was constrained by a deadline, there are several key actions that authorities have...
Brazl has revealed its largest case ever of military police corruption

‘Largest-Ever’ Police Corruption Case Unfolds in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro

Brazil's state of Rio de Janeiro witnessed a massive operation aimed at capturing nearly 100 military police officers accused of criminal collusion, adding to a...