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Homicides in Guatemala: Collecting the Data

When someone is murdered in Guatemala, police, forensic doctors and government prosecutors start making their way to the crime scene and a creaky, antiquated 20th...

Homicides in Guatemala: Conclusions and Recommendations

Olfato. It is a term used quite often in law enforcement and judicial circles in Central America (and other parts of the world as well). It refers to the sixth...
Brazilian police during an operation in Rio de Janeiro

Record Killings of Rio Police Are Part of Institutional Failure

A record number of police have been killed in Brazil's state of Rio de Janeiro so far in 2017, in a seeming illustration of the police's poor training and how they...
A policeman patrolling a favela in Rio de Janeiro

Killings by Police in Rio de Janeiro Highlight Training, Oversight Flaws

New statistics show that police in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil continue to use lethal force at high rates, a dynamic that is likely the result of poor training and...
Police in Latin America have greatly varied reputations

From Chile to Mexico: Best and Worst of LatAm Police

An embezzlement network uncovered within Chile's prized police shows that corruption can corrode even the most trusted of Latin America's security institutions....
Veracruz Governor Miguel Ángel Yunes is tasked with rebuilding the state from the ground up.

Veracruz: Report Unveils Mexico’s ‘State of Terror’

A new report says harrowing corruption and violence have transformed Mexico's Veracruz into a "state of terror," and suggests that only a compete overhaul can...
Honduras Attorney General Oscar Chinchilla

The Unbearable Solitude of Honduras’ Attorney General

Honduras Attorney General Oscar Chinchilla was elected by congress in September 2013, in a controversial process driven largely by the interests of the ruling...
The military police strike precipitated a crime wave

Brazil Military Police Strike Sows Chaos, Reveals Weakness of Civil Police

A military police strike that began late last week in southern Brazil has led to widespread looting and violence, calling into question just how much responsibility...
Buenos Aires Security Minister Cristian Ritondo

200 Buenos Aires Police Jailed on Corruption Charges in 2016: Minister

The security minister of Buenos Aires province has indicated that authorities plan to continue an ongoing effort to reform the provincial police, a campaign that...
Police in Honduras are getting new uniforms to combat officer impersonation

Honduras to Combat Police Impersonation With New Uniforms

Security officials in Honduras announced that the National Police will adopt new uniforms designed to combat officer impersonation, a noteworthy step toward...
Costa Rica’s Public Security Minister Gustavo Mata

Costa Rica to Send Barely Trained Police Officers on the Streets

Costa Rica has decided to drastically shorten the selection and training process of its police officers, a measure that will quickly increase police presence in...
Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández

Honduras Extends Police Reform Commission until 2018

The president of Honduras has announced that a reform commission designed to purge the country's police forces will continue its work until 2018, a move that could...