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The US government has produced mixed messages on its anti-narcotics strategy

More Mixed Signals From US State Dept on Colombia Aerial Eradication

The US government has continued issuing mixed messages following controversial statements by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson that implied the White House was...
Juan Manuel Santos (left) with Barack Obama

Can ‘Peace Colombia’ Contain Booming Drug Trade?

US President Barack Obama announced he will ask Congress for $450 million to assist Colombia's transition from civil conflict to peace, but will it help avert the...
Plan Colombia has had a profound impact on Colombia

On 15 Year Anniversary, Govt Asks for New Plan Colombia

The Colombian government will mark the 15th anniversary of Plan Colombia by requesting a new assistance package from the United States aimed at facilitating the...

‘Money Laundering 2% of Colombia GDP’

According to Colombia's government, the laundering of profits from drug trafficking and common crime accounted for two percent of the country's gross domestic...

The US Shouldn’t Export Colombia’s Drug War ‘Success’

The US is paying Colombia to train security forces in Central America, without tracking whether this is doing good or causing harm. It's time for authorities to...
Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez called for US aid

Presidents Call for US to Invest in CentAm Version of ‘Plan Colombia’

The presidents of Guatemala and Honduras have used the Central American child migrant crisis to call for regional security investment from the United States along...
Police in Tibu, a municipality due to receive US assistance

US Agreement Takes Plan Colombia to a Local Level

Colombian and US officials have signed an agreement providing US law enforcement support to four Colombian municipalities, a move which signifies the increasing...
Soldier stands guard as crops are fumigated

Fumigation Does Not Work: Colombia Anti-Drugs Adviser

Colombia's top anti-drug adviser has whipped up a political storm with comments that the aerial fumigation of coca crops that has been a central tenet of US...
US Secretary of State John Kerry

US State Dept 2014 Budget Cuts Aid to Colombia, Mexico

The US State Department budget proposal for 2014 has reduced aid for Colombia and Mexico while increasing funds for Central America, reflecting changes in regional...
A FARC poster criticizing Plan Colombia

‘US Spends More on Drug Rehab than on Plan Colombia’

The US ambassador to Colombia has emphasized that the country now spends more on domestic treatment and prevention programs than on combating drug production via...
US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta in Lima

US Calls on LatAm to Limit Crime-Fighting Role of Militaries

The US defense secretary has cautioned Latin American countries against relying on their militaries for law enforcement, which could point to a changing focus in US...

Before Americas Summit, US Points to Colombia as Security Success

As the Sixth Summit of the Americas approaches, US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have made statements extolling Colombia's security...