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Has Colombia’s Next Narco Boss Emerged?

A new report stating that a shadowy drug trafficker, known as "Puntilla Pachon," has become Colombia's latest narco boss brings into question whether criminal...
Martin Farfan Diaz Gonzalez, alias “Pijarbey” (right)

Drug Lord’s Death May Rock Eastern Colombia

Police have killed a major drug trafficker operating in Colombia’s eastern region, possibly creating a power vacuum along important drug transit corridors leading...

Martin Farfan Diaz Gonzalez, alias ‘Pijarbey’

Martin Farfan Diaz Gonzalez, alias "Pijarbey" was a powerful criminal operative in Colombia's Eastern Plains region. He was the leader of the Libertadores del...
The most recent image of Pijarbey

Narco-Paramilitary Boss Pijarbey Set to Be Major Colombian Kingpin

A former paramilitary known as "Pijarbey" is rebuilding the drug empire of fragmented trafficking group the ERPAC in Colombia's Eastern Plains, and is now...
A Pacific Rubiales oil tank in Meta, Colombia

Colombia Network Provided Stolen Fuel to Eastern Plains Narco-Paramilitaries

Authorities in Colombia have captured members of a criminal network that reportedly stole gasoline for cocaine production, shedding light on the expanding...