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Urabeños Leadership Under Mounting Pressure in Colombia

Authorities in Colombia continue to home in on the Urabeños crime group, arresting the brother of boss Dairo Antonio...

Caparrapos Thriving in Colombia Due to Alliances With ELN, Ex-FARC Mafia

Having become one of the more visible criminal actors in Colombia due to their war with the Urabeños, the Caparrapos have been heavily targeted by authorities in...

The Steady Downfall of Colombia’s Most Powerful Drug Organization

Rocked by government assaults, internal dissent and a leader publicly looking to abandon ship, the Urabeños are facing a dire outlook, one that promises a violent...

Colombia Law Letting Crime Groups Surrender May Be Too Little Too Late

A new law in Colombia allowing for the collective surrender of criminal groups may have little success, since the country’s fragmented underworld doesn't...
Will the Urabeños surrender?

Report Details Potential Surrender Agreement With Urabeños in Colombia

A new document has surfaced detailing the potential surrender terms for Colombia's most powerful criminal group, in what is the first glimpse of what such a deal...
Wanted picture of alias "Otoniel"

After Death of Number Two, Colombia’s Urabeños Offer to Surrender

The most wanted drug trafficker in Colombia and leader of the powerful Urabeños has offered to surrender himself and his organization to authorities just days...
Operation Agamemnon has entered its second phase

Colombia’s Largest-Ever Manhunt Hasn’t Caught Its Top Target. Here’s Why.

Colombia's dense jungle on the Caribbean coast is the heartland of the Urabeños, one of the most powerful criminal organizations in the Americas. This is where its...
Urabeños leaders Otoniel (left) and Gavilán

Colombia’s Urabeños May Be Divided but Not Conquered

Information has surfaced on apparent frictions at the heart at one of the Western Hemisphere's most powerful drug trafficking organizations. But while its leaders...
Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos

Colombia Redoubles Efforts Against BACRIM

Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos announced his administration will further increase pressure against the country's neo-paramilitary organizations known as...

Drug Clashes Spark Humanitarian Crisis: Colombia Ombudsman

Colombia's Ombudsman's office says a struggle between guerrillas and neo-paramilitaries over drug routes through the Pacific department of Choco has caused a...

The Secrets of Colombia’s ‘Clan Usuga,’ aka the Urabeños

The hunt for the leadership of the Urabeños, Colombia's most powerful criminal group, has now been ongoing for over half a year. With many labelling the...

Colombia Intensifies Search for Urabeños Leader

Colombia has deployed significant resources to a mahunt for the leader of drug trafficking organization the Urabeños, one of the few remaining high-profile...