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Official: 10 Mn Gallons of Gas per Month Smuggled into 1 Colombian Province

According to a top Colombia energy official, as much as 10 million gallons of illegal gasoline is smuggled every month into the country's northeastern Cesar...

Oil Theft is Big Business for Mexican Gangs

Theft from Mexico's state oil company Pemex appears to have shifted from a small-scale criminal nuisance into big business, with actors such as the Zetas and...

Pemex: Oil and Gas Theft in Mexico Soars Past 2010 Levels

Mexico's state oil company Pemex counted 32 illegal taps on their liquefied gas pipelines so far this year, equivalent to 64,000...

Mexican Oil Boss Raises Concerns over Theft of Crude

With losses from oil theft growing rapidly, the director of Mexico’s state oil company has called for a new strategy to protect the company's...

Fuel Theft in Latin America: A Fail-Safe Trade?

Oil and gas theft in Latin America is a low-risk, high-profit enterprise for gangs looking to diversify their criminal portfolios. But as organized crime...

For Mexican Cartels, Cash is King

Drug trafficking is the single most lucrative activity for criminal groups in Mexico, but while the supply chain and production methods associated with it are...

Two Attacks on PEMEX Highlight Increasing Dangers

Two attacks by suspected organized criminal gangs on state oil workers in Mexico in recent days have left two dead and one kidnapped. The attacks, which occurred...