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Cartel Takedown Won’t Solve Mexico’s Oil Theft Problem

Authorities in Mexico have cracked down on the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel, touted as the nation’s leading oil theft gang, but this vast criminal economy will not...

Stopping Oil Theft in Mexico Futile Game of Whac-a-Mole

A rise in the number oil thefts this year in Mexico has provided further evidence that this high-profile criminal economy may be too massive for President Andrés...

Early Gains Cloud Need for Long-Term Approach for Mexico’s Oil Thieves

The president of Mexico’s has recently declared victory over the country’s fuel thieves, and while authorities have made some progress, completely bringing oil...

Honduras Oil Theft Sees Renewed Attention for Old Crime

Oil theft in Honduras has been a reliable source of income for gangs for years, but the recovery of 50,000 liters of stolen fuel in the city of Puerto Cortés may...

Mexico’s Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel Risks Burning Too Bright, Too Fast

The Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel has been behind increasing violence in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato over the last year -- amid a bitter clash with the...

Oil Thieves Convenient Scapegoats for Mexico’s Gasoline Shortages

A crackdown on oil theft has seen the president of Mexico stop major fuel pipelines, causing severe fuel shortages in parts of the country, but are oil thieves...

Arming Mexico Oil Company Staff is Risky Business

Mexico’s state-owned oil company has begun training and arming its security staff, a risky decision that could...

Costa Rica Crime Groups Diversifying Oil Theft Techniques

The ways in which bands of fuel thieves in Costa Rica are tapping oil pipelines in order to steal and later resell the good are growing increasingly sophisticated,...

Mexico’s Lucrative Oil Theft Industry Fueling Increased Criminal Violence

Violent battles between rival criminal groups vying for control over Mexico’s lucrative oil theft business left more than 50 people dead over the span of five...

Mexico State Oil Company Says Fuel Theft Reached All-Time High in 2017

Mexico’s state oil company says it experienced record levels of fuel theft in 2017, but the underlying drivers of this issue are unlikely to be addressed in the...
Pemex engineers repairing a pipeline in Mexico

Should Mexico Follow Colombia’s Example in Combating Fuel Theft?

Colombia's finance minister said Mexico should look to the South American country as an example to follow in the fight against fuel theft, but the statement raises...
Fuel theft in Mexico is a $1 billion business

Layers of Corruption Facilitate Fuel Theft in Mexico

From corrupt oil workers to public officials to possibly even private companies, fuel theft from the Mexico's state-owned oil company Pemex has a lot of...