Investigation and Analysis of Organized Crime
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Drug traffickers in Belgium attempted to send synthetic drugs to Argentina hidden in a rocking horse

From Face Masks to Avocados, the Boundless Creativity of Drug Traffickers

Drug traffickers are nothing if not innovative. And faced with increasingly sophisticated techniques for detecting drugs, they have been forced to be increasingly...

From Cocalero to Kingpin: New Book Tracks Cocaine Supply Chain

A new book by a veteran reporter provides a comprehensive picture of Colombia’s modern-day cocaine trafficking networks and their devastating impact on the...

War, Prohibition and Narcotics – A Historical Look at Drug Policy

Two new books aim to reorient understanding of the foundations of drug policy: the first a nuanced exploration of the historical intersection of drugs and war, the...

Punchy Guatemala Mayors Seek to Restore Reputation in the Ring

The Rocky theme music played as the mayor entered the boxing ring, perhaps in the hope that he would gain "the eye of the tiger." He...

Mexico, Colombia Drug Raids Reveal Human Skulls, Saints, and Spells

An altar laden with human skulls and bones was used by a powerful Mexico City gang in the worship of Santa Muerte, a death cult that has drug trade...

Narco-Tank: An Intimidation Tactic in Guerrero, Mexico?

The discovery of a truck converted into an armored vehicle has raised alarms about escalating firepower in Guerrero, Mexico, though the so-called narco-tank may be...

Mexico Cartels Quick To Deny Making Threats Against AMLO

A series of messages from criminal groups directly threatening Mexico’s president have appeared in recent months, but the tactic appears to have backfired badly,...

Luxury Cars Gifted to Questionable Police Forces in Mexico and Argentina

Luxurious vehicles seized from criminals in Mexico and Argentina are being handed over for use by police forces, despite their reputation for corruption and...

Narco-Assets for Sale in Mexico: Going, Going, Gone?

Who wouldn’t want a huge mansion, a full-sized pool and an escape tunnel at lower than market value? While the Mexican government is auctioning off properties,...

The School of Terror: Inside a Jalisco Cartel Training Camp in Mexico

On the first day of training to become a hitman for the Jalisco Cartel New Generation, Francisco learned that the only way to escape from the camp was to leave "in...

Mexico’s Narcocorridos: A Case of Misunderstanding?

Outrage spread like wildfire across social media last year when video surfaced of a 15-year-old girl from central Mexico dancing to a...

Narco-Bling: El Chapo’s Wife Opens Fashion Line

The wife of Joaquín Guzmán Loera, alias "El Chapo," has launched a new fashion brand in the United States bearing his name, marking...