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Tijuana Cartel Leader Extradited to US

Benjamin Arellano Felix, alias "El Señor," a leader of Mexico's Tijuana Cartel, has been extradited to the U.S., reports El Universal. Arellano Felix is wanted on...

Puerto Rico’s Drug-Baseball Connection?

One of the most powerful traffickers in Puerto Rico, Angel Ayala Vazquez, was reportedly convicted Tuesday on drug trafficking charges, along with his brother, Luis...

Mexican Cartels and the US Banking System

An investigation by British newspaper The Observer details how the Mexican-based Sinaloa Cartel laundered billions of dollars through Wachovia, once one of the...

Money Laundering Threatens Colombia’s Elections

Colombia's government warned that drug traffickers may launch fake campaigns in the October local elections in order to launder their profits, Caracol...

Fake Dollar Haul: Colombia’s Other Illegal Export

The discovery of a forgery operation in Cali with the capacity to produce up to three million fake dollars a week draws attention to the scale of Colombia's...

GAO: Opportunities Exist to Stem US-Mexico Money Laundering

A report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) discusses money laundering issues between the U.S. and Mexico, and how Mexican drug trafficking...

Argentina Escapes Money Laundering Sanctions

Argentina narrowly avoided sanctions Wednesday for its failure to tackle money laundering, reflecting growing international concern about drug trafficking profits...

InSight: Mexico’s ‘Wall Street’ Decries Violence, But Ignores Own Responsibility

When crime hits the pocketbooks of the wealthy, it usually sparks the first real measures against it. But in Mexico, that response is taking a long time to...

Colombian Kingpin to Reveal Details of Ties with Mexican Cartels

Julio Alberto Lozano, alias "Patricia," accused by Colombian authorities of being one of the hemisphere's most important drug traffickers, has agreed to face...