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EU, Caribbean Nations at Loggerheads Over Money Laundering Blacklist

The European Union's latest money laundering blacklist included four Caribbean nations that have been deemed to be high-risk countries. The list was met by cries of...

International Money Laundering Schemes Latest to Fall Victim to Coronavirus

Dirty cash from the illicit drug trade is piling up in major US cities as the novel coronavirus hobbles yet another fundamental component of the operations of Latin...

All Bark, No Bite: How US Bungled Case of ‘Major’ Money Launderer

US authorities alleged Nidal Waked and other members of his powerful and well-connected family in Panama were among “the world’s most significant drug money...

Argentina Puts Seized Assets to Good Use in Coronavirus Fight

Authorities in Argentina are using assets seized from drug traffickers to help fight the coronavirus pandemic, a tactic which can be replicated in other...

Has Panama Kicked Its Money Laundering Habit?

A new report says that Panama remains a nation of “particular concern” when it comes to financial secrecy and money laundering, suggesting that the Central...

GameChangers 2019: Illegal Mining, Latin America’s Go-To Criminal Economy

The criminal, economic and political dynamics behind illegal gold rushes this past year in Venezuela and Ecuador were very different. But both countries illustrate...

GameChangers 2019: As Venezuela Sinks, Maduro’s Criminal Ties Keep Him Afloat

Venezuela remained mired in crisis throughout 2019, yet Nicolás Maduro actually consolidated his regime. How did he do...

Brazil Eyes Extradition of Former Paraguay President for Money Laundering

In an unprecedented move, authorities in Brazil have requested the extradition of former Paraguay President Horacio Cartes to face money laundering charges related...

Miami Professor, Crime Expert Charged with Money Laundering

A University of Miami professor and expert on organized crime in Latin America has been charged with laundering millions of dollars of illicit proceeds from...
Members of a chinese crie organization are accused of tax fraud and money laundering in Argentina

Chinese Mafia Moving Contraband Fish Costs Argentina Millions

Authorities in Argentina dismantled a ring of Chinese nationals who evaded millions of dollars in taxes and laundered money through fish export businesses, in a...

Is There a Link Between the Dollarization of Venezuela and Organized Crime?

A year ago, the use of the US dollar was practically banned for Venezuelans. Transactions in dollars were under severe restrictions and the unlicensed use of the...

Venezuela Mulling Outlandish Plan to Access Frozen Gold in London

A little-known British financier has been wooing Venezuelan officials with an outlandish plan to liberate $1.5 billion of Venezuelan gold retained in the Bank of...