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Drones Are Limited Weapon Against Illegal Mining in Peru

Peru has deployed drones to some of the country's remote areas to track illegal mining, but using the information to capture and make cases against illegal miners...

Peru’s Illegal Mining Hotspot Has Other Crimes to Worry About

Peruvian authorities dismantled a human trafficking network operating in the region of Madre de Dios, a territory known for illegal mining activity....

Ex-FARC Mafia: Colombia’s Criminal Army Settling Down in Venezuela

The announcement in late August that three important former leaders of the demobilized FARC were returning to war did not only threaten the fragile Colombian peace...

Gold Smugglers Innovating Along Colombia-Panama Route

A criminal network which used creative methods, including hiring legitimate jewelers, to help smuggle gold into Panama and launder proceeds back in Colombia has...

Crackdown on Illegal Mining Won’t End Ecuador’s Gold Rush

Thousands of police and military have swept through the north Ecuador district of Buenos Aires in an attempt to control the illegal mining boom that has ravaged the...

Venezuela Disease Outbreaks Reveal Criminal Migration to Illegal Gold Mines

Outbreaks of malaria and diphtheria in a region of Venezuela where these diseases are rare has revealed how armed groups are organizing a vast migration to illegal...

Illegal Mining Crackdown May Push Peru’s Former Miners to Coca, Timber

Authorities in Peru say they have successfully driven illegal gold mining out of the Amazon, but will other illegal economies take its...

Colombia AG Says Gold Trader Created Fake Miners to Launder Millions

A new investigation by Colombia's Attorney General's Office has revealed a potential stain on revenues of a major gold mining company concerning attempts to launder...
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Peru Targets Multinationals Linked to Sale of Illegal Gold

A new investigation into illegal mining has revealed that Peruvian prosecutors are digging into a large Swiss refinery for buying suspect gold. The case is the...

‘Juku’ Mineral Thieves Pilfering Bolivia State-Owned Mining Company

Bands of mineral thieves in Bolivia are sending recruiters to employ vulnerable workers to rob one of the state-owned ore mining...

Colombia’s Remote Telembí Triangle Sees Gangs Shake Down Illegal Miners

Colombia’s southern department of Nariño is home to an extortion scheme, where two of the country’s largest criminal organizations, the ELN and the Urabeños,...

Illegal Mining May Collapse Colombia’s Cerro Mono Ecosystem

Colombian authorities have discovered that an important water resource is under threat from illegal mining in a rural area of Cúcuta, revealing that the region is...