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With Eye on Illegal Mining, Colombia Creates Environmental Crime Office

Colombia created a prosecutor's office which will deal exclusively with environmental crime. One significant question is how much energy the new office will put...

Colombia: ‘Illegal Mining Should be Treated Like Drug Trafficking’

Colombia's mining and energy minister said unlicensed mining "should be given the same treatment as drug trafficking," due to the connections between armed groups...

New York Times Features Images from Colombia’s Illegal Gold Mines

The New York Times photo blog features images from Choco, on Colombia's Pacific coast, where Afro-Colombian communities are menaced by armed groups who are taking...

PBS Show Profiles Conflict, Gold and BACRIMs in Colombia

A TV special by PBS details the threats community activists in Colombia face from armed groups, as they try to keep an industrial gold mining company from seizing...

Brazil May Extend Border Security Pact to Peru

Less than a week after approving a border security plan with Colombia, Brazil signaled that it would like to extend the security initiative to another partner in...

Ecuador Cracks Down on Illegal Gold Mines

Ecuador's military carried out a operation to shut down illegal goldmines in the northwest of the country, close to the border with...

InSight Map: Conflict and Colombia’s Gold Rush

A report from the New York Times published Friday examines the way that gold mining in northern Colombia, particularly the department of Antioquia, is providing an...

Verdad Abierta on Gold Mining and Conflict

Colombian publications Verdad Abierta website and its partner Semana magazine have published an article looking at the ways unlicensed gold mining is feeding the...