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Mining Massacre Signals ELN Expansion Into Venezuela

The recent massacre of seven people in one of Venezuela’s mining regions may confirm that the Colombia guerrilla group ELN is expanding its criminal activities...

Attacks on Multinationals in Colombia: Signs of New Criminal Era

A series of attacks on multinational companies operating in Colombia could indicate that armed groups are shedding discipline for increased criminal gains, in a new...

Battle Over Venezuela Gold Behind Killings of Miners

Ten days after another massacre perpetrated by the army in Venezuela's mining region, its parliament has announced that it will bring the case to international...

Investigation Highlights Miami’s Role in Turning ‘Dirty Gold’ Into ‘Clean Cash’

A new journalistic investigation reveals the inner workings of Miami’s dirty gold trade, which has helped powerful Latin American crime groups whitewash their...

Venezuela Politicians Accuse Military of Involvement in Contraband Mineral Trade

Two congressmen in Venezuela allege that members of the armed forces play a central role in the country's contraband mineral trade, in another example of how the...
At Venezuela's Cuatro Muertos (Four Dead Men) mine, the search for gold is chaotic. (Credit: OCCRP, Photographer’s name withheld for their safety)

Gold and Chaos: Gang Lords Rule Venezuela’s Orinoco Mining Arc

The rise of organized crime in Venezuela's southern Bolívar region has been directly proportional to the state's neglect of local people and towns. Criminal gang...
Killings rising in Venezuela illegal mining

What Is Behind Killings in Venezuela Illegal Mining Regions?

State forces have reportedly been responsible for a wave of killings in Venezuela's illegal mining zones, sparking questions over whether they are combating...
The FARC may have earned up to $580 million a year

The FARC’s Riches: Up to $580 Million in Annual Income

The former rebels of what was once Latin America's oldest insurgency, the FARC, continually claimed to have barely any money. And while they did have a lot of...
Illegal mining is a multibillion-dollar industry in Latin America

How El Salvador’s Metal Mining Ban Could Benefit Organized Crime

El Salvador made history earlier this year when it became the first country in the world to outlaw all metal mining. But as the ban begins to take effect, experts...
Colombia's profitable emerald mining industry has alleged ties to illegal activities

Crime-Linked Colombia Emerald Barons Face Extradition on US Drug Charges

The United States has requested the extradition of several Colombian emerald magnates on drug trafficking charges, marking the first time US authorities have...
Colombian authorities arrest a BACRIM

Weekly InSight: InSide Colombia’s BACRIM

In our July 13 Facebook Live, Executive Director Jeremy McDermott spoke to InSight Crime investigator James Bargent about what are known as "bandas criminales" or...
Latin America is the most murderous region for land rights, environmental activists

LatAm is Most Murderous Region for Land, Environmental Activists: Report

Latin America is the most dangerous region in the world for activists fighting for their land or trying to safeguard the environment, according to a Global Witness...