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Drugs seized by Quito police

Are Crime Families Fueling Rise in Ecuador Domestic Drug Trade?

Police in Ecuador have highlighted the role of local drug trafficking clans -- often based on family ties -- within the country's growing drug trade, a sign that...
A 'FARC' member, arrested in Costa Rica

‘FARC’ Cell Dismantled in Costa Rica

An alleged FARC rebel cell involved in arms and drug trafficking has been dismantled by authorities in Costa Rica, in a case that illustrates the depth of the...
Police raid an "olla" in Medellin's drug hub Barbacoas

Pushing Around the Problem: Colombia’s ‘War’ on Micro-trafficking

Eight months after the opening salvos in Colombia's new war against micro-trafficking, residents in affected areas say the results have been an explosion in open...
Colombia's President Santos (middle) visits a Bogota "olla"

Colombia Anti-Micro-trafficking Operation Extended

A Colombian police operation aimed at tackling micro-trafficking across the country will be extended for 60 days to take down 25 more cells, President Santos has...
Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos in El Bronx, Bogota

Colombia Faces Growing Challenges in Micro-trafficking and Illegal Mining

As President Juan Manuel Santos declared a new offensive against Colombia's micro-trafficking, a new report reveals the depth of the country's illegal mining trade,...