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Small-scale drug trafficking has been tied to increasing violence in parts of Latin America

International Report Links Rising LatAm Drug Abuse to Violence

The latest report by the International Narcotics Control Board illustrates the region-wide correlation between developments in drug trafficking, drug use and...

Prison Failing to Reform Uruguay Low-Level Drug Offenders

According to a top Uruguayan government official, the recidivism rate for low-level drug offenders is 100 percent, a phenomenon that many other Latin American...

Why Did Ecuador Toughen Up Drug Laws?

Ecuador's Congress approved tougher penalties for small-time drug traffickers, an about-face from a more liberal policy which may have been prompted by the...
Ecuador Police Commander Diego Mejia is sworn in

Ecuador Shifts Security Focus to Microtrafficking

Ecuador's authorities say they are shifting their security focus to curbing neighborhood level drug peddling, raising questions about the priorities of a country...
A police officer in 'El Infiernillo'

Gangs Battle for Costa Rica’s Local Drug Market

Recent bloodshed in Costa Rica's capital has been attributed to gangs battling for control of local drug sales, furthering concerns that the country's development...
Dominican woman accuses police of bribery

Dominican Trafficker Claims Police Collusion in Drug Trade: Video

An admitted drug trafficker in the Dominican Republic claimed several police agencies charged her a fee to sell drugs, an accusation that comes just days after...

InSight Crime Game Changers 2014 – A Year of Dashed Hopes

Welcome to InSight Crime's Game Changers for 2014, where we highlight the year's most important trends in organized crime in the Americas. This year was one of...
Some Mexico City taxi drivers also deal drugs

Which Gangs Rule in Mexico City?

A newspaper report on “narco-taxis” paints a picture of an increasingly violent local drug trade in Mexico City, raising questions about what criminal groups are...
Members of Uruguayan "barras bravas"

Uruguay Soccer Clubs Involved in Drug Trafficking: Police

Police in Uruguay have evidence that more than 400 people -- among them members of soccer fan clubs, soccer team directors, and at least one politician -- are...
Pandora seized by Argentine officials

Argentina Identifies ‘New,’ Unregulated Hallucinogenic Drug

Authorities in Argentina have identified the presence of what they are calling a "new" hallucinogenic drug, highlighting both the appeal of the country's growing...

Chile Makes Second Largest Drug Bust of Last Decade

Authorities in Chile have seized over two tons of drugs intended for domestic consumption in what officials are calling the second largest seizure in the last ten...
Sao Paulo traffickers are selling in upscale areas

Wealthy Traffickers Tapping into Brazil’s Middle Class Drug Market

Wealthy educated youth are increasingly involved in drug trafficking in Brazil, a phenomenon likely linked to a growing internal middle class...