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Illegal Clinics and Addicts Fuel ‘H’ Boom in Guayaquil, Ecuador

In the south Ecuador city of Guayaquil, organized crime has created a vicious circle of drug consumption: violent microtrafficking networks peddle drugs on the city...

What Is Behind the Recent Wave of Violence in Mexico City?

The discovery of two dismembered bodies in downtown Mexico City, the most recent in a series of violent acts, contradicts official declarations denying the presence...

Costa Rica Dismantles Maximum Security Inmate’s Drug Ring, Again

The dismantling, for the second time in two years, of a drug trafficking organization in Costa Rica led by a man held in a maximum security prison is a worrying...

Mexico’s National Crime Now at Country’s Largest University

A gun battle on the campus of Mexico’s largest university that left two dead underscores how the country’s continued struggles with tackling criminal violence...
The scene of a deadly attack against a night establishment blamed on the "Aztecas"

Mexico Rehab Center Massacre Tied to Conflict Over Local Drug Trade

Authorities have blamed conflict over local drug markets for a bloody massacre at a drug treatment center in Mexico, the latest example of violence fueled by...
The National Autonomous University of Mexico's University City campus

Drug Dealers Operate Freely at Mexico’s Largest University: Video

A new video provides an inside look at the operations of small-scale drug trafficking groups on the campus of Mexico's biggest university, suggesting that the...
Police in Mexico City

Report Maps Mexico City’s Organized Crime Landscape

A report mapping cartel presence in and around Mexico City as well as new details on the sophistication of the Tláhuac Cartel, which has been behind recent civil...
An Argentine police car at a crime scene

Deadly Argentina Drug Turf Wars Call Security Strategies Into Question

A series of killings in Buenos Aires and Rosario, Argentina linked to a booming microtrafficking business highlight ongoing insecurity in those areas, while raising...
Mexico Marines at the scene in Tláhuac

Officials Resist Blaming ‘Cartels’ for Deadly Mexico City Clashes

A clash between Mexico's Marines and a criminal group in Mexico City has left eight dead, again raising questions about shifting dynamics in the country's criminal...
Relatives of inmates outside Las Cruces prison in Acapulco

Mexico Prison Deaths Show Endemic Problems, Criminal Conflicts

A violent outbreak between rival gangs in a Mexico prison in the embattled state of Guerrero that left dozens of inmates dead reflects the fight for the local...

How ‘UberEATS’ Could Reduce Violence in Mexico City

The dismantling of a microtrafficking operation in Mexico City that used bags issued by UberEATS to deliver marijuana shows how dealers are using new, and, analysts...
Police descend on São Paulo’s “Crackland”

Brazil Police Mount Another Futile Crackdown on São Paulo ‘Crackland’

A police operation against an open-air drug market in São Paulo, Brazil has simply displaced the problem, as buyers and sellers moved their dealings to new...