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'Mi Sangre' during his extradition to the United States

Historic Colombia Kingpin ‘Mi Sangre’ Extradited to United States

Colombian kingpin "Mi Sangre" has been extradited from Argentina to the United States, closing a chapter in one of the most pivotal and turbulent periods in...
Mi Sangre at his extradition hearing.

Drug Lord Accused of Dramatic Prison Break Plan in Argentina

Argentine authorities have allegedly uncovered a plan by Colombian drug lord "Mi Sangre" to escape from prison, as the former paramilitary is running out of options...
Henry de Jesús López Londoño, alias “Mi Sangre”

Argentina Approves Extradition of Colombia Capo ‘Mi Sangre’

Argentina approved the extradition of top Colombian drug lord "Mi Sangre" to the United States, creating speculation as to what information he may offer US drug...
'Mi Sangre' after his arrest in Argentina

Colombian Gang Leader Fights Extradition, Claiming ‘Political Persecution’

Urabeños leader Henry de Jesus Lopez Londoño, alias "Mi Sangre," is fighting extradition to the United States, claiming that he is the victim of political...
Police present Mi Sangre to Argentine press after his capture

‘Mi Sangre’ Previously Arrested, Released in Argentina

New details have emerged about the capture of Urabeños leader Henry de Jesus Lopez, alias "Mi Sangre," in Buenos Aires, including the fact that Argentine...
Henry de Jesus Lopez, alias "Mi Sangre"

Colombian Capo ‘Mi Sangre’ Captured in Argentina

The head of Colombian gang the Urabeños was arrested in Buenos Aires, drawing attention to Argentina's status as a refuge for big-name Colombian traffickers, and...

Medellin Crime Boss ‘Mi Sangre’ Hiding in Argentina: Report

Colombian media reports that "Mi Sangre," boss of the Urabeños drug gang and a major player in Medellin's underworld, is currently in Argentina, in further...

‘My Blood’ May Unite Two of Colombia’s Most Powerful Gangs

The name of Henry de Jesus Lopez, alias "Mi Sangre” or "My Blood," is increasingly being whispered on the streets of Medellin as he pushes into this city, seeking...

‘More Colombian Drug Lords Plan Surrender to US’

Following the alleged arrest of the head of Colombia’s powerful Rastrojos gang, El Tiempo reports that two other Colombian drug lords are negotiating to turn...