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Mexico’s Security Dilemma


Mexico’s Security Dilemma: Michoacan’s Militias

Well-armed vigilantes in Mexico's Michoacan state have helped authorities dismantle a powerful criminal organization, but now the government may have a more...
Vigilantes in Michoacan

Mexico’s Security Dilemma: The Rise of Michoacan’s Militias

Volunteer community policing has been a tradition in indigenous communities across Southern Mexico for centuries. Though controversial, advocates argue the practice...

Mexico’s Security Dilemma: A Myopic Approach to Michoacan’s Militias

The desperation in Michoacan, as in many parts of Mexico, with regards to organized crime has led to a myopic view of this issue. In the short term, it produced,...
Statue dedicated to Knights Templar leader "El Chayo"

Mexico’s Security Dilemma: The Battle for Michoacan

Faced with the government's failure to rein in the criminals, communities across crime-besieged Mexico have been trying for years to organize effective civic...