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Los grupos de autodefensa contribuyen a la inseguridad en Michoacán, México

Mexico’s Michoacán a Tangle of Rivals

The decline of the Caballeros Templarios has left Michoacán at the mercy of a tangle of rivals, none of whom appear able to reassert the supremacy that previously...
Mexico's municipal police

Most Mexicans Think Police ‘Controlled by Org Crime’: Poll

A recent opinion poll in Mexico reveals an embarrassing lack of public trust in security forces, exemplifying yet again how institutional failures risk boosting...
The San Miguel Totolapan vigilantes

Mexico Vigilantes Seize Mother of Crime Boss in Hostage Showdown

A vigilante militia has become involved in a hostage standoff with an organized crime network in southwest Mexico, as the competition for booming criminal profits...
Self-defense groups in Guerrero

Conflict in Mexico’s Heroin Heartland as Self-Defense Groups Cry ‘Narco’

Two self-defense groups in Mexico's troubled state of Guerrero have accused each other of involvement in organized crime, illustrating the complexity of the...
Depiction of a member of Mexico's vigilante groups

Study Links Mexico Vigilantes, Inequality

A new study from a Mexico security expert examines the driving factors behind the explosion of vigilante groups around the nation over the past several...
Protesters in Michoacan

Mexico Army Moves Into Michoacan Despite Protests

Mexican security forces installed a new base to combat armed groups in the Tierra Caliente region of Michoacán, after days of protests from the community that...
Members of the vigilante group "White Trojans" in Michoacán

‘New’ Vigilante Groups Keep a Violent Tradition Alive in Michoacán

The appearance of new and recycled armed groups whose motives are as questionable as their video-making credentials is the latest manifestation of Michoacán's...
Insignia of the State Attorney General's Office in Michoacán, Mexico

Loan Sharks Contract Organized Crime as Muscle in Michoacán

In another sign of the proliferation of the use of violence and intimidation in Mexico, informal money lenders in the embattled state of Michoacán are turning to...
Self-declared anti-corruption guerrilla IRIS

Mexico’s New ‘Anti-Corruption’ Guerrillas Highlight Michoacan Unrest

An armed group declaring war on Mexico's corruption has sprung up in a regional hotbed of organized crime and insurgency, where public distrust in state...
Banner hung by the 'Nueva Familia'

‘Nueva Familia’ Announces Arrival amid Michoacán Turmoil

"Narco-banners" hung around Michoacán have announced the arrival of a new criminal organization in a sign the underworld in the troubled central Mexican state is...
Militia members in Mexico

Militias in Mexico: Citizens’ Security or Further Conflict Escalation?

This article explores the security and political effects of militia forces that emerged in Mexico in recent years in reaction to violent organized crime, most...
The CNDH is calling for the investigation of Michoacan's self-defense groups

No Solution in Sight for Mexico’s Vigilante Problem

Mexico's human rights commission has called on government officials to investigate the criminalization of vigilante groups in the state of...