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Luis Rojas, head of Paraguay's SENAD

Uruguay Marijuana Law Will Drive Paraguay Production: Anti-Drug Chief

Paraguay's top anti-drugs official has said Uruguay's legalization of marijuana will spur an increase in production in his country, based on claims illegal...
Pro legalization activists in Uruguay

The Major Hurdles for Uruguay’s Marijuana Experiment

After months of delay, Uruguay is finally on the verge of becoming the first country to regulate every aspect of the black market for marijuana. Getting the...

Country-by-Country Map of Drug Policy Positions in the Americas

This map breaks down every country's stated position on legalization and decriminalization of drugs in the hemisphere. It is in this context that Uruguay is set to...
Legal marijuana may yet affect crime in Uruguay

Uruguay’s Marijuana Bill and Organized Crime

Though it has long been one of the safest countries in Latin America, insecurity and organized crime are on the rise in Uruguay, making it an interesting, if...
Uruguay is pushing to legalize marijuana

Uruguay’s Marijuana Bill Faces Political, Economic Obstacles

If Uruguay's proposal to regulate the production, sale and distribution of marijuana is properly implemented and overcomes political and economic hurdles, it could...