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Paraguay's National Police headquarters

Paraguay Police Took Bribes From Marijuana Producers: Audio Recording

A network of corrupt police officials allegedly involved in a major bribery scheme in Paraguay has been dismantled, further indicating the negative effects that the...
President Tabare Vazquez

Uruguay Marijuana Reform Sees Progress, But Challenges Remain

Almost two years after passing legislation to legalize the growth and sale of marijuana, Uruguay’s government says the country is almost ready to begin...
Drug policy reform advocates in Uruguay

Legal Marijuana in Uruguay? Much Easier Said Than Done

In 2013, Uruguay took the unprecedented step of legalizing the production and use of marijuana. Yet, two years on, a commercial market is still in the project...
Presidential candidate Luis Lacalle Pou

As Uruguay Elections Near, Is Marijuana Law Under Threat?

The two leading presidential candidates in Uruguay have expressed doubts about the country's landmark marijuana legalization law. Will the marijuana laws likely be...

Uruguay Presidential Candidate Proposes Rehab for Marijuana Users

The Uruguayan presidential candidate favored by drug policy reform advocates, ex-President Tabare Vazquez, has presented his rehabilitative interpretation of...
Presidential candidate Lacalle Pou

Uruguay Marijuana Law Under Fire

When Uruguay's historic marijuana regulation law passed the Senate in December, it was a major victory for drug policy reform in Uruguay and around the world. To...
Uruguay plans to legalize marijuana production

Uruguay Didn’t Want to Legalize Marijuana (But Did it Anyway)

Nelly Santos was worriedly waiting for her son to come home after receiving a call from his school. Daniel arrived with his head lowered, his cap visor covering his...
A rally supporting Uruguay's marijuana legislation

Uruguay Registers Marijuana Growers

The long process of legalizing marijuana production in Uruguay continues to inch forward, under the watchful eye of other countries in the region considering...
Marijuana paraphernalia for sale in Uruguay

Why Reports of Uruguay’s ‘Tax Free’ Marijuana are Misleading

A new report stating that Uruguay will not tax the sale or production of marijuana has received widespread attention, yet the depiction of the legalization...
Uruguay is the first nation to legalize marijuana

New Regs for Uruguay Marijuana Law Aim to Prevent Trafficking

Uruguay has announced many of the finer details of its marijuana legalization legislation, with regulations that demonstrate a concerted effort to minimize the risk...
A man smokes marijuana outside Uruguay's congress

Uruguay Marijuana Law Aims to Prevent Drug Tourism

Only citizens and residents of Uruguay will be able to buy legal marijuana, a move likely aimed at averting drug tourism as the small South American nation...
Uruguay will grow marijuana on military land

Uruguay President Attempts to Ward Off Marijuana Legalization Critics

Uruguay's president says marijuana plants with a traceable genetic code will be grown on military land, a step intended to help prevent criminal exploitation of...