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Site of a Zetas massacre allegedly ordered by 'El Pelon'

US Treasury Blacklists Guatemalan Trafficker Working for Zetas

The US Treasury Department has added an alleged Guatemalan drug trafficker and ally of Mexico's Zetas to its kingpin list, in a case that highlights the strong...
A scene from Guatemala's November 2012 massacre

Guatemala Zetas Boss on the Run for Stealing Cocaine Shipment

A Guatemala drug trafficker, affiliated to Mexico's Zetas, is being hunted by the rival Sinaloa Cartel after he stole a 1.5 ton shipment of cocaine, prompting a...
The site of the Guatemala City massacre

Zetas Boss Targeted in Guatemala City Massacre

Authorities say that seven people killed at a Guatemalan clinic were bodyguards for a local Zetas boss, suggesting that a new rift has emerged between Guatemala's...
Waldemar Lorenzana

US Treasury Targets Guatemala’s Lorenzana Crime Family

The US Treasury has placed sanctions on two members of Guatemala's Lorenzanas gang, a group that in recent years has suffered several heavy blows, including...

Guatemalan Court Authorizes Extradition of Drug Kingpin

Guatemala announced it will extradite Waldemar Lorenzana, head of the Lorenzana crime family, to the US to face drug trafficking charges, continuing a recent trend...

Guatemala Detains Alleged Sinaloa Cartel Operative

Guatemalan authorities arrested an alleged member of Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel who is suspected of working with one of the country's oldest drug smuggling groups, the...

Colombia Makes Mass Arrest of Gang Linked to Sinaloa Cartel

Colombia's police have announced the arrest of 34 suspected members of the Galeano Clan, a drug trafficking group which allegedly had links with the Mexican Sinaloa...

Guatemala to Extradite Son of Drug Trafficking Patriarch

Guatemala will extradite a member of the notorious drug trafficking Lorenzana family to the US, in a rare instance of an extradition case being resolved quickly in...

Guatemala Traffickers Exploit Legal Tool to Fight Extradition

A legal safeguard built into Guatemala's justice system is being used to stall the extraditions to the United States of some of the country's most notorious...

Guatemala President’s In-Law on the Run in Money Laundering Scandal

The sister-in-law of Guatemala's president is a fugitive from justice, facing embezzlement charges, as well as allegations that she laundered money in Panama and...

With Lorenzana Arrest, Guatemala Raises Game Against Old-School Traffickers

Guatemala has now captured more top-level drug traffickers in the past two years than in the previous decade, no doubt thanks to pressure from the U.S., with the...

As Elections Loom, Report Profiles Guatemala’s Drug Trafficking World

International Crisis Group’s new report on Guatemala paints a bleak picture of a country overrun by Zetas and a government undermined by local drug lords, but it...