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LAPOP map of changes in security perceptions

Perceptions of Insecurity Increasing in LatAm: Report

The results of the 2014 LAPOP survey show that perceptions of insecurity are on the rise in Latin America, particularly in South America where a new drug...
Honduras seized 1.7 tons of cocaine in 2013

US State Dept Report Shows Central America Still Main Cocaine Corridor

Statistics from the US State Department's annual drug control report challenge repeated warnings of a drug trafficking shift from Central America to the Caribbean,...
Murder scene in Cali, Colombia

2013 Dangerous Cities List Shows LatAm’s Shifting Crime Landscape

The 2013 list of the world's 50 most dangerous cities, compiled by an NGO from Mexico, shows how shifting criminal dynamics through the year have affected violence...
The CPI map shows little joy for Latin America

Why Is Latin America So Corrupt?

The annual release of the global Corruption Perceptions Index is rarely good news for Latin America. Except for a handful of standout nations, the region...
Micro-trafficking is on the rise in Latin America

Micro-Trafficking A Growing Threat Across LatAm

Micro-trafficking is on the rise in capital cities across Latin America, according to a recent report, raising the question: is the rise of a domestic drug market...
Corruption index shows little progress in Latin America

Latin America’s Corruption Landscape Unchanged, Despite Political Pledges

Latin America's most corrupt countries have shown little progress in global rankings in 2013, despite claims by some of the worst performers that they are tackling...
Tijuana, Mexico a place with high levels of violence

The Complex Relationship of Organized Crime and Violence in LatAm

A new UN report finds that organized crime bears a complex relationship to rising insecurity and violence in Latin America, which is influenced by a host of other...
Murer rates increased dramatically in countries like Honduras

Why is Latin America the Only Region with Rising Homicide Rates?

A new United Nations report has found Latin America is the only region in the world where overall homicide rates increased between 2000 and 2010, with the violence...
Honduras' military police force

Experts Seek End to Militarization of LatAm Policing

Experts from across Latin American have criticized the lack of results produced by the militarization of law enforcement in the region, calling instead for police...
Honduras' homicide rate is the highest in the world

Despite More Police, Central America Homicides Doubled in a Decade

Central America's regional homicide rate nearly doubled between 2000 and 2011 despite an accompanying increase in police numbers during the same period, according...
Project Victoria's new clinic in San Pedro Sula

‘Dramatic Rise’ In Crack Consumption Among Honduran Youth

The percentage of drug-using youths in Honduras who consume crack cocaine has risen from five to 60 percent over the past 10 years, according to one organization,...
Viktor Ivanov with President Daniel Ortega

Should Russian Anti-Drug Aid to LatAm Worry the US?

As Russia deepens its military and counternarcotics involvement in Latin America, the United States has to decide whether this represents competition, or welcome...