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Homicides in Guatemala: Introduction, Methodology, and Major Findings

When violence surged in early 2015 in Guatemala, then-President Otto Pérez Molina knew how to handle the situation: Blame the street...

Homicides in Guatemala: Analyzing the Data

In the last decade, homicides in Guatemala have obeyed a fairly steady pattern. Guatemala City and some of its surrounding municipalities have the greatest sheer...

Homicides in Guatemala: Collecting the Data

When someone is murdered in Guatemala, police, forensic doctors and government prosecutors start making their way to the crime scene and a creaky, antiquated 20th...

Homicides in Guatemala: Conclusions and Recommendations

Olfato. It is a term used quite often in law enforcement and judicial circles in Central America (and other parts of the world as well). It refers to the sixth...
Mexican Supreme Court Justice Arturo Zaldivar Lelo de Larrea

Report Analyzes Advances of Criminal Justice Reforms in Mexico

A new report by a US-based research group offers a rare look at how Mexico's judges, prosecutors and public defenders view the criminal justice system, which has...
CICIG Commissioner Iván Velásquez

Nearly All Crimes in Guatemala Go Unpunished: CICIG

Only 3 percent of crimes in Guatemala are punished, according to the head of an international anti-corruption body, a statistic that serves as a reminder of the...
Edgar Veytia, Nayarit's former attorney general

US Charges Mexico Prosecutor With Trafficking Drugs

United States authorities captured a Mexican state's attorney general accused of being part of a drug trafficking ring, a rare case of a prosecutor being directly...
Veracruz Governor Miguel Ángel Yunes is tasked with rebuilding the state from the ground up.

Veracruz: Report Unveils Mexico’s ‘State of Terror’

A new report says harrowing corruption and violence have transformed Mexico's Veracruz into a "state of terror," and suggests that only a compete overhaul can...
Former Guatemala President Otto Pérez Molina (left) and Vice President Roxana Baldetti

Defining a Mafia State: The Case of Guatemala

On March 2, InSight Crime held a Facebook Live session to discuss current events related to organized crime in Latin America. Our main topic was the creation of a...
Honduras’ Attorney General Óscar Fernando Chinchilla

Honduras Extraditions Expose Judicial System’s Weak Links

Honduras' Attorney General's Office has helped capture some of the country's most powerful criminals and their assets, shaking the country's underworld, but the...
Honduras Attorney General Oscar Chinchilla

The Unbearable Solitude of Honduras’ Attorney General

Honduras Attorney General Oscar Chinchilla was elected by congress in September 2013, in a controversial process driven largely by the interests of the ruling...
Supreme Court Magistrate Blanca Aída Stalling Dávila was arrested on February 8

Magistrate’s Arrest Signals Battle for Guatemala’s Judiciary

The arrest of an influential Supreme Court magistrate from the country's elite indicates that the struggle for control over Guatemala's courts rages on, as an...