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"Day of infamy," reads Guatemala newspaper headline

#BlackWednesday: Guatemala Takes Another Step to Institutionalize Corruption

Guatemala's congress took another bold step towards institutionalizing corruption on September 13, by reforming a law to protect politicians and their party...
Brazil President Michel Temer of the PMDB

New Charges Provide Further Evidence of Crime Group Run by Brazil Elites

Brazil's top prosecutor has charged several former and current senators with receiving bribes and being part of a "criminal organization," offering further evidence...
Former Brazil Presidents Dilma Rousseff and Luiz Inácio "Lula" da Silva

Was Brazil’s Workers’ Party a ‘Criminal Organization’? (And Why It Matters)

Brazil's chief prosecutor charged former presidents Luiz Inácio "Lula" da Silva and Dilma Rousseff with running a "criminal organization," marking a new attempt by...
Organizers protest impunity in Mexico

Latin America Scores Poorly in New ‘Global Impunity Index’

Nearly every country in Latin America is struggling to combat high rates of impunity, according to a new report that analyzes structural and human rights conditions...
Guatemala President Jimmy Morales announces expulsion of CICIG Commissioner

With Bold Move Against CICIG, Guatemala President Calling Trump’s Bluff

After declaring the head of a UN commission persona non grata in his country amid investigations into narco donations to his campaign, Guatemala's President Jimmy...
Mexico's judicial reform falls short of hyped expectations

Mexico’s Judicial Reform, One Year In: A Mix of Successes and Defects

Mexico's landmark judicial reform just celebrated the first anniversary of its implementation, but the law's lingering defects and unfulfilled promise have limited...
El Salvador's Legislative Assembly

El Salvador Reworks Asset Forfeiture Law in Favor of Corruption Defendants

In a full legislative plenary session, El Salvador's political parties demonstrated their ability to twist regulations intended to fight crime and shield the assets...
Brazil's prosecutor general Rodrigo Janot at the Atlantic Council on July 19, 2017.

Brazil Chief Prosecutor Applauds Multilateral Anti-Corruption Cooperation

Brazil's chief prosecutor highlighted the importance of international cooperation in ongoing probes of the biggest corruption cases in the country's history. But...
An aerial view of one of the Rosenthal mansions seized by Honduran authorities

Asset Forfeiture in Latin America: A Moral Dilemma?

Asset forfeiture in Latin America can be a powerful tool against organized crime, but one fraught with legal and moral...
Police training is lacking in new criminal justice system, experts say.

Six Shortcomings of Mexico’s New Justice System

Mexico's new justice system went into effect in June 2016. But because the law was constrained by a deadline, there are several key actions that authorities have...
Costa Rica Prison

Costa Rica Criminal Record Reform Could Improve Women’s Post-Prison Prospects

Ana Chaves was one of the hundreds of women who benefited from the "77 bis" reform, which reduced prison sentences to between three and eight years for the crime of...
Jamaica’s Minister of National Security Robert Montague

Jamaica DNA Database Unlikely to Be Crime Fighting Panacea

Authorities in Jamaica have put in operation a new DNA database, a move officials say could help tackle crime in the Caribbean island...