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Implementation of Mexico Anti-Graft Reform Still Elusive

A new report claims that sweeping legal reforms approved in 2016 could be the answer to Mexico’s deep-seated corruption, but the country’s poor record when it...

3 Ways to Measure Guatemala’s New Attorney General

Amid an increasingly tense political environment, María Consuelo Porras will become Guatemala’s new attorney general. Porras may determine whether...

Guatemala Accusations Amp Up Tensions Between Presidency, AG’s Office

Less than 48 hours before a new attorney general takes office, prosecutors in Guatemala have added another and perhaps the strongest layer of accusations against...

US Senator Injects Uncertainty Into Guatemala Anti-Corruption Fight

In a move that could imperil anti-corruption efforts in Guatemala, US Senator Marco Rubio said he has halted funding for the United Nations-backed...

A New Guatemala Attorney General Brings New Concerns

Guatemala President Jimmy Morales has chosen a new attorney general who is widely expected to discontinue her predecessor’s forceful anti-corruption drive, a...

Mass Presidential Pardon Unlikely to Improve Bolivia Prisons

The president of Bolivia introduced a new amnesty and pardon decree to congress in an attempt to alleviate the country’s prison crisis. However, it is unlikely...

New Evidence in Landmark Case Suggests Argentina Judge Ran Drug Ring

A federal judge in Argentina who was once lauded for his anti-narcotic efforts is facing charges that he colluded with drug traffickers and resold confiscated...

Honduras Attorney General, Civil Society Challenge ‘Impunity Pact’

The attorney general of Honduras and a prominent civil society group have launched legal challenges against a recent legislative reform denounced by critics as an...

Iván Velásquez: Guatemala’s Elites Are Vying for Total State Control

In the fight for Guatemala’s institutions, there is never a dull moment. Recently, and especially in the last few weeks, powerful groups in...

Is Argentina Poised To Clean Up Its Judiciary?

An upcoming official investigation into judicial corruption in Argentina is poised to lift the lid on the country’s highly questioned judiciary, possibly spurring...
Guatemala's Supreme Court

Judicial Delay Tactics Gumming Up Guatemala Criminal Cases: Report

A new report details how defense attorneys in Guatemala are capitalizing on the slow pace of judicial proceedings to derail the progress of high-profile corruption...
Former Mexico Attorney General Raúl Cervantes Andrade

Mexico AG Resigns Amid Growing Pressure to Tackle Widespread Graft

Mexico's top prosecutor has stepped down less than a year after taking office amid growing pressure to tackle widespread corruption. The resignation serves as...