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Mexico Prosecutors in Mass Resignation

Federal prosecutors in 21 of Mexico’s 31 states have resigned en masse from their posts, according to a statement from the Attorney General’s...

Business Group Slams Central America Security Tax

A Central American business federation has come out against the imposition of new "security taxes" to fund governments' fight against organized crime in the...

Mexico’s Morales Tackles Creaky Justice System

Marisela Morales is just a couple of months into her tenure as Mexico’s attorney general, but she already has a mountain of issues weighing down on...

Measuring Reforms to Mexico’s Broken Justice System

Mexico’s efforts to reform its weak and widely mistrusted judicial system have broad support among legal professionals, though many are skeptical that it will...

Do Mexico’s Police Focus on Famous Crimes?

Mexico's ability to swiftly apprehend suspects in the most high-profile cases, like the murder of the son of poet and campaigner Javier Sicilia, raises questions...

After Portillo’s Acquittal, a Challenge for Judicial Reform in Guatemala

A Guatemalan court acquitted former President Alfonso Portillo of corruption charges, in a major blow to the credibility of the justice system and a sign that a...

Mexico Sees Many Captures, Few Trials

More than 70 percent of all federal arrests in Mexico never reach trial, highlighting deficiencies in the justice system which are at least as important as issues...

The Politics Behind Mexico Attorney General’s Resignation

Mexico's Attorney General Arturo Chavez stepped down this week after just a year and a half in office. Most media reports cite his poor performance as the reason...