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Miguel Osorio Chong, Mexico's new Interior Minister

Alleged ‘Zetas Ties’ of Mexico’s Interior Minister a Liability for New Govt

As Mexico's Interior Minister, Miguel Osorio Chong is expected to help lead the government's efforts against organized crime, but allegations that he had links to...
Genaro Garcia Luna (l) with Felipe Calderon

Could Calderon’s Top Security Official Be Investigated for Narco-Ties?

A new report claims that US intelligence services are holding a large cache of files on the alleged narco-ties of former Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s top...
Most of those captured in federal operations later go free

Under Calderon, 80% of Federal Organized Crime Detainees Went Free

Of more than 600,000 people detained in operations against organized criminal groups during former Mexican president Felipe Calderon's six years in power, some 80...

CICIG Names 18 ‘Judges of Impunity’ in Guatemala

The United Nations-backed anti-impunity commission in Guatemala has released a report naming the 18 judges whose controversial rulings have most served the...
Police inspect the scene of a murder in Acapulco, Mexico

Mapping the Unidentified Victims of Mexico’s Drug War

An investigative report by Milenio suggests that of the 60,000 people killed in the last six years in Mexico's fight against organized crime, nearly half have...
El Salvador Supreme Court

El Salvador Investigating 80% of Country’s Judges

The announcement that El Salvador has over a thousand unresolved complaints against 80 percent of the country's judges paints an unsettling picture of the...

The Top 3 Most Controversial Points of Venezuela’s Judicial Reforms

Venezuela's recent approval of a set of sweeping judicial reforms intends to speed up the processing of court cases and ease the burden on the country's overwhelmed...

US Senate Report Urges Police, Judicial Reform in Mexico Over Military Use

A new report from the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee has called for a decrease in the Mexican military's role in fighting organized crime, citing alleged...

Mexico Investigates Two Top Judicial Officials for Crime Ties

Mexico is investigating two top judicial officials, who have previously issued favorable rulings for suspected drug traffickers, for ties to organized crime, a...

Guatemala Must Fight Impunity from Within: CICIG Director

While a UN-backed anti-impunity body has made progress in fixing Guatemala's broken justice system, its director cautions that it is not a miracle cure, because...

‘In Central America, Support for Tough Crime Policy Tied to Corruption’

A new report finds that Latin Americans are more likely to support hardline anti-crime policies if there is a strong perception that their country struggles with...

‘Narco-Lawyer’ Killings Highlight Risks of the Trade

Defense attorneys who represent the region's most powerful drug lords are offered tantilizing compensation packages from their capo clients but the risks inherent...