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Homicides in Jamaica spiked in 2015

Jamaica Homicide Spike Fuelled by Lottery Scam

Jamaica's homicide rate reached an alarming five-year high in 2015, with the uptick believed to have been driven by violent rivalries between lottery scam...
Marlon James' novel, A Brief History of Seven Killings

Acclaimed Novel Offers Illuminating Portrayal of Jamaica’s Gangs

One suspects that Marlon James didn’t set out to write a definitive account of Caribbean gang life with "A Brief History of Seven Killings," but he manages...
Jamaica is home to powerful street gangs

Jamaica Sees 20% Spike in Murders

Jamaica has suffered a sharp uptick in murders this year, raising fears that a shift in the island nation’s criminal dynamics is to...

Fighting Phone Scams, Violence in Jamaica

"The biggest headache is getting the men to walk away from certain things," says Adenike Stephenson, when asked what was the most difficult part of her job as...
Marijuana use has been decriminalized in Jamaica

Jamaica Joins Ranks of LatAm Countries Decriminalizing Marijuana

Jamaica has finally approved legislation to decriminalize marijuana possession and legalize its use for medicinal and scientific purposes, joining a growing number...
West Kingston, one of Jamaica's violence hotspots

Gang Leader Case to Test Jamaica’s Controversial Anti-Gang Legislation

Jamaica is to prosecute a gang leader under its new anti-gang law in the biggest test yet for the controversial legislation, which Jamaican authorities hope to use...
Police in Jamaica's capital, Kingston

Jamaica Police Killings Drop Sharply in 2014

Jamaica is on track to report just over 100 killings by police officers this year, drastically lower than the 258 reported fatal shootings by security forces in...
Marijuana seized in Trinidad

Jamaicans Run Trinidad and Tobago Drug Networks: Report

Media in Trinidad and Tobago say they have obtained a secret intelligence report detailing how Jamaicans have set up extensive drug trafficking networks on the...
Jamaican Justice Minister Mark Golding

Jamaica Moves Closer to Marijuana Decriminalization

Jamaica has taken further steps toward legalizing medical marijuana and decriminalizing possession of the drug for all users on the island nation, as debate...
Jamaica's cabinet has approved changes to drug laws

Jamaica to Reform Marijuana Laws in Move Toward Decriminalization

The government in Jamaica has taken the first concrete steps towards decriminalizing marijuana use by approving changes to drug laws, paving the way for reform in a...
A 2010 Kingston murder scene

Rising Murders in Jamaica’s Capital: Criminal Power Vacuum?

Authorities in Jamaica have reported a 40 percent rise in murders in West Kingston, likely the result of a power vacuum left by the fall of the area's former crime...
A police patrol in Kingston, Jamaica

Jamaica Gangs in Talks to Halt West Kingston Bloodshed

Warring gangs behind two years of heightened violence in Jamaica's capital, Kingston, are reportedly engaging in peace talks, in the latest example of criminals...