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Jamaica Can’t Shake Status As US’ Top Marijuana Provider

A series of marijuana seizures reported over the last few months, highlight the magnitude of the drug flow from Jamaica headed to the United States, as well as the...

Hundreds In, Hundreds Out: Jamaica’s Inefficient Response to Violent Crime

In just two months, authorities detained 906 people in Jamaica under states of emergency across the country, but this bid to reduce violent crime is unlikely to...

InSight Crime’s 2018 Homicide Round-Up

With a worsening crisis in Venezuela, dark days in Nicaragua, an ever more fragile peace process in Colombia, new governments and new ideas in Brazil, Mexico and...

Jamaica Brings Back Security Force Occupation as Violence Rises

Jamaica security forces are being sent back into a neighborhood where the recent withdrawal of a joint military-police occupation led to a spike in murders,...

Jamaica Responds to Rising Violence With Security Crackdown

Jamaica’s latest urban security operation has rounded up nearly 200 suspects in an attempt to “cauterize” rising rates of insecurity, but the aggressive...
A soldier deployed in a Zone of Special Operations

Jamaica’s New Security Plan Off to Inauspicious Beginning

Based on erroneous and false information, the Jamaican government has launched a new initiative to corral criminal groups in what is possibly the wrong urban zone,...
Jamaican security forces on patrol

Jamaica to Initiate Security Crackdown as Murders Surge

Jamaica has passed a law allowing the army and police to launch special operations in crime hotspots following a spike in murders, but this aggressive security...
Jamaica's homicide rate is on an upward slope

Why Jamaica’s Homicide Rate Is Up 20%

Jamaica's homicide rate has risen steeply in 2017, in what is likely the symptom of a splintering...
One in three Caribbean residents has lost someone close to them to violence

Caribbean Has ‘Violence Problem,’ Not ‘Crime Problem’: Report

The Caribbean region has a "uniquely high level of violent crime," according to a new report that offers a rare insight into the root causes of criminal activity in...
Jamaica’s Minister of National Security Robert Montague

Jamaica DNA Database Unlikely to Be Crime Fighting Panacea

Authorities in Jamaica have put in operation a new DNA database, a move officials say could help tackle crime in the Caribbean island...
Jamaican gangs are reportedly recruiting high school students

Jamaica Gangs Follow Regional Pattern of Recruiting From Schools

Experts say that Jamaican gangs are increasingly trying to enlist high school students in their ranks, a reminder that schools often serve as recruiting grounds for...
Officials promote the "Get the Guns" campaign

Jamaica Boasts Gun Control Success but Security Challenges Remain

The government of Jamaica has announced a rise in seizures of illegal weapons as part of a long-running gun control initiative, however a more coordinated response...