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The Ghost Lives the High Life in Madrid

The Ghost, a paramilitary drug lord, has moved to Madrid with his millions of drug dollars. He has dodged the Colombian justice system and perhaps secured a pass...

Tracking the Ghost: Follow the Money

“The Ghost” had fled Medellín, tied off loose ends in the underworld and perhaps suspended his drug trafficking activities. He disappeared with millions of...

The Ghost Loses Drug Trafficking Partners

After the demobilization of the AUC in 2006, the paramilitary high command was behind bars. All except alias “Sebastían Colmenares” and his alter ego, “Memo...

The Ghost and His Paramilitary Army

In 1997, the paramilitary army began its bloody campaign across Colombia, supposedly to fight the Marxist rebels, but really to take control of the cocaine trade....

Hunting the Ghost: a Face and a Name

The hunt for “Will the Ghost,” or “Memo Fantasma” had stalled once again. The name Guillermo Camacho did not register with anyone. Had The Ghost managed to...

‘The Invisibles’ of the Drug World

Drug traffickers today have realized that their best protection is not a private army, but rather total anonymity. We call these drug lords "the invisibles." This...

The Invisible Drug Lord: Hunting ‘The Ghost’

Drug traffickers today realize that their best protection is not a private army but anonymity. This is the story of "Memo Fantasma" or "Will...