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On Journey Northward, Migrants Face Kidnapping, Murder

Coinciding with the request of the United Nations’ High Commissioner for Human Rights last week for the Mexican government to investigate the mysterious...

Mexico Investigates Disappearance of Migrants

Mexican authorities are investigating the disappearance of 50 migrants after initially denying that any kidnappings had taken place. A dozen migrants escaped a hold...

Increased Profits, Abuse in Mexico’s Human Trafficking Rings

The Mexican government has done little to protect migrants from organized criminal groups like the Zetas, says a report released...

WOLA: Human Rights Violations Against Migrants in Transit

"This report analyzes the rise in kidnappings of migrants who travel through Mexico and the apparent indifference of the Mexican government to address the multiple...

‘Coyotes’ Feed on Migrant Workers

A report in the Mexican daily El Informador details the plight of Central American migrants on their way northward in pursuit of the "American dream."  In...

Suspected Human Smuggler Arrested in Ecuador

Ecuadorean officials arrested Miguel Dutan Meneses, a suspected member of the network of human smugglers that sent several Ecuadoreans through Mexico on...