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Migrantes indocumentados son desalojados de camión en México

Enforcement Shifting Human Smuggling Routes, Dangers in Mexico: Report

A new report says that human smugglers in Mexico are turning to cargo trucks and less traveled routes to reach the United States,...
Is tougher US-Mexico border security shifting smuggling routes?

US-Canada Border Arrest Shows Varied Human Smuggling Routes

US authorities have arrested a Honduran national for allegedly smuggling several migrants from Central America and Mexico into the United States from Canada,...
The network was able to smuggle 100 to 150 people every month

New Details Reveal Breadth of Guatemala Human Smuggling Network

Authorities in Guatemala have released new information on the modus operandi of an international human smuggling network that coordinated the movement of people...

Colombia Takes Down Human Smuggling Ring Linked to Urabeños

Authorities in Colombia have struck against what appears to be one of the largest and most sophisticated human smuggling rings seen in the region recently, an...
Migrants are often susceptible to human smuggling networks

Nearly 50 Groups Active in Human Trafficking in Mexico: Report

A recent report offers new insight into human trafficking in Mexico, and reinforces concerns about the role of organized groups in this criminal...
Human trafficking continues to impact Latin America

Latin America Still Falling Short in Combating Human Trafficking: Report

An annual report on the global state of human trafficking suggests that the majority of Latin American countries still do not fully comply with US standards for...
US-bound migrants riding on a Mexican freight train

Unauthorized Migration Is Worth Billions for LatAm Organized Crime

Experts say unauthorized migration generates billions of dollars for criminal groups in Latin America, earnings that are set to grow as a result of tightening US...
Migrants are opting for maritime routes to cross over into Mexico

Trump Wall May Reinforce Shift to Maritime Migrant Routes

Central American undocumented migrants are shifting to maritime transportation, according to a recent report, likely as a result of Mexico's crackdown on land...
US Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

Can Damage Control by US Officials Salvage Security Relations with Mexico?

The US Secretaries of State and Homeland Security visited Mexico in what appears to be an attempt to ease tensions between the two countries, but statements...
US President Donald Trump

5 Ways Trump’s Deportation Plan Helps Criminals

In a number of ways, the Trump administration's plan to curb illegal immigration in the United States could facilitate the type of crime that it purports to...
Venezuelans crossing into Colombia with their belongings

Reports Find Insecurity Is Driving Factor of Venezuela Exodus

A series of reports highlight how rampant crime and insecurity have spurred Venezuelans to leave their home country, a perhaps overlooked driver of migration amid...
Cubans no longer receive special immigration status from US

How Will End to ‘Wet Foot, Dry Foot’ Policy Affect Human Smugglers?

The end of the US government's preferential status for Cuban migrants could result in short-term gains but long-term pain for human smuggling networks in Latin...