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Human Smugglers Continue to Cash In on Haitian Migrants

A sophisticated human smuggling ring that illegally moved migrants from Haiti across a number of Latin American countries into Chile shows that the Caribbean...

The Ongoing Trafficking and Killing of Venezuelan Women in Mexico

The rescue of three Venezuelan forced into sex trafficking in Mexico City has once again shone a spotlight on the ongoing violent treatment and deaths of Venezuelan...

Six Ways Coronavirus is Impacting Organized Crime in the Americas

Criminal groups across Latin America have been forced to dig deep by the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown. Moving drugs and contraband, shaking down...

Human Smugglers Could Benefit From Costa Rica-Nicaragua Silence

Costa Rica has enhanced border security during the coronavirus pandemic to crack down on human smuggling from Nicaragua, but its measures are undermined by a lack...

Showtime’s ‘The Trade’ Explores Criminal Networks Tied to Migration

The second season of Showtime’s The Trade comes out March 6, and this time around the award-winning documentary series is doing a deep-dive...

Human Smuggling from Asia to Latin America On Rise

Authorities dismantled a transnational human smuggling ring that brought migrants from South Asia to Brazil and then transported them all the way to the US-Mexico...

Costa Rica and Panama Find Joint Success in Tackling People Smuggling

Authorities in Panama and Costa Rica have dismantled an international human smuggling ring, highlighting the success of police cooperation in both countries’...

US Troops Tempted by Fast Money from Migrant Smuggling

The arrest of two US Marines on migrant smuggling charges raises concerns that criminal groups along the US-Mexico border are targeting the country's troops,...

Trump-Cuba Curveball May Boost Baseball Smuggling Networks

US President Donald Trump has ended a historic deal that provided a legal pathway for Cubans to play baseball professionally in the United...

Cartels Reopen Old Migrant Routes Through Arizona, New Mexico

Border Patrol agents have found several large Central American migrant groups crossing the US-Mexico border along remote stretches of desert -- a smuggling tactic...

Pirates Control Ocean Between Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago

Increased pirate attacks in the waters between Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela show that criminal gangs in the Venezuelan state of Sucre are trying to dominate...

GameChangers 2018: Venezuelan Migration a New Gold Mine for Organized Crime

Turbulence reigned in 2018, but there was one constant: the flow of Venezuelans fleeing their country. The unceasing migration has left thousands of people...