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A memorial to Miroslava Breach - one of four journalists killed in Mexico in 2017

Political Culture in Mexico Delays Justice for Murdered Journalists

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has called once again for an end to impunity around the killing of journalists in Mexico after a particularly violent...
US Armed Forces training Honduran military

New Database Aims to Increase Transparency of US Security Aid to LatAm

A new database compiled by a Washington, DC-based advocacy group aims to increase transparency surrounding US security assistance programs across Latin America,...
A police officer inspecting a cell in La Joyita, Panama

Video of Armed Inmates Shows Conditions in Panama Prisons

A video recorded in a Panama prison showing inmates holding weapons casts new doubts on the state of the country's prison...
Cecilio Pineda Brito, the first of three Mexican journalists killed this month

Shadow of Organized Crime Hovers over Wave of Mexico Journalist Killings

The murder of a Chihuahua-based correspondent marks the third killing of a journalist in Mexico this month, a wave of targeted violence for which organized crime...
Youth killings involving Venezuelan security forces rose in 2016

Security Forces Killed 250 Venezuela Children in 2016: Report

Security forces in Venezuela killed over 250 minors in 2016, a steep rise compared to the previous year and yet another worrying indication of the excessive use of...
Demonstrators march in opposition to violence against women

Covering Violence Against Women: How We Miss the Bigger Story

In our March 9 Facebook Live podcast, Co-director Steven Dudley and Senior Investigator Deborah Bonello talked about how the media misses the bigger story when it...
Violence in the household can contribute to youths developing aggressive behavior

How Violence Against Women Fuels More Crime

Across Latin America, the incredibly high levels of violence against women have long been denounced by non-governmental organizations and the media. Ignoring this...
Colombia has seen a recent surge in coca farmer blockades against eradicators

Colombia’s Rural Communities Fight Growing Post-Conflict Threats

Colombia's rural communities stand to gain -- and potentially lose ­-- the most as the country's 50-year-old armed conflict turns a new leaf. Coca-growing...

Report Finds Major Flaws in Proposals to Further Militarize Mexico’s Drug War

A Senate report on recent proposals that apparently aim to regulate the role of Mexico's military in public security has concluded that the draft legislation would...
Advocates say chemicals used on drug crops may cause cancer

Advocates Fear Chemicals Used on Mexico’s Drug Crops Cause Cancer

An advocacy group says exposure to chemicals used by criminal groups to help grow marijuana and opium poppy plants could be behind a surge in the incidence of...
Veracruz is the most dangerous place for journalists in Latin America

Veracruz, Mexico is LatAm’s Epicenter of Violence Against Journalists

Mexico's eastern state of Veracruz became the most dangerous place for journalists in Latin America during the regime of fugitive ex-governor Javier Duarte,...
Congressman Julio Juárez

Guatemala Congressman Implicated in Murder of Journalist

Prosecutors in Guatemala believe a current congressman ordered the killing of a local journalist in 2015, a reminder of the potentially fatal consequences of...