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The UN Human Rights Council

UN Body Slams Venezuela for Security Force Abuses

The United Nations has sharply criticized the heavy-handed policing tactics used in Venezuela, among several other issues, an indication of the country's growing...
Salvadoran police officer on patrol c/o Víctor Peña

Official Data Suggests El Salvador Police Kill with Impunity

El Salvador's armed forces and the National Civil Police (PNC) are killing alleged gang members at a rate of about 35 per month since the government declared war on...
Venezuela launched its OLP security initiative in July 2015

Extrajudicial Killings Accompany Venezuela Security Raids

Experts say extrajudicial killings have jumped alarmingly since the Venezuelan government began a new anti-crime initiative last year, further suggesting that...
Cover image from 2015 report by Programa Somos Defensores

Colombia’s Human Rights Defenders Are Dying for Peace

Multiple recent assassinations of Colombian human rights defenders are adding to concerns that criminal organizations are attempting to eliminate potential civilian...
US Green Berets observe members of Honduras' elite Tigres unit during a shooting drill

US Special Forces Training in LatAm Tripled Since 2007

A new report documents an increase in US Special Operations Forces training missions in Latin America, amid ongoing concerns about criminal activity in the region...
The mass graves were discovered by a group of victims' relatives

Mexico Victims Discover 75 Mass Graves, Rebuke Authorities

Family members of disappeared persons in east Mexico have discovered 75 mass graves in a month in a stark demonstration of the incapacity -- or unwillingness -- of...
Migrants on 'The Beast' c/o Manu Ureste/Animal Politico

Mexico Plans to Tame ‘The Beast,’ Cut Migrant Route North

The Mexican government has announced a new strategy to stop migrants from hopping the infamous north-bound freight train known as “The Beast,” a plan that would...
Peace negotiators shake hands

Colombia, FARC Peace Deal: Amnesty for Organized Crime?

The Colombian government has finally reached a peace deal with the country's main guerrilla group, but a number of questions remain when it comes to the provisions...
Ousted Police Chief Enrique Galindo

Mexico Police Chief’s Firing a Rare Response to Excessive Force

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has fired the country's Federal Police chief following a damning report by Mexico's top human rights agency, which found the...
Federal police in Mexico

Mexico’s Federal Police Accused of Executing 22 in 2015 Raid

Mexico's National Commission on Human Rights has determined that federal police officers executed at least 22 individuals at a ranch last year, a grim reminder...
Image from OSF's "Undeniable Atrocities" report

Mexico Authorities Under Renewed Heat for ‘Narcopolitics’ and Impunity

Mexico will not be able to rein in runaway organized crime until it addresses the links between Mexican authorities and criminal groups and ends impunity for those...

El Salvador Gang Raid Nets Documenter of Alleged Police Abuses

A massive roundup of high ranking MS13 gang members by El Salvador authorities targeting the financial structure of the gang also netted a self proclaimed activist...