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Report Finds Major Flaws in Proposals to Further Militarize Mexico’s Drug War

A Senate report on recent proposals that apparently aim to regulate the role of Mexico's military in public security has concluded that the draft legislation would...
Advocates say chemicals used on drug crops may cause cancer

Advocates Fear Chemicals Used on Mexico’s Drug Crops Cause Cancer

An advocacy group says exposure to chemicals used by criminal groups to help grow marijuana and opium poppy plants could be behind a surge in the incidence of...
Veracruz is the most dangerous place for journalists in Latin America

Veracruz, Mexico is LatAm’s Epicenter of Violence Against Journalists

Mexico's eastern state of Veracruz became the most dangerous place for journalists in Latin America during the regime of fugitive ex-governor Javier Duarte,...
Congressman Julio Juárez

Guatemala Congressman Implicated in Murder of Journalist

Prosecutors in Guatemala believe a current congressman ordered the killing of a local journalist in 2015, a reminder of the potentially fatal consequences of...
Paramilitary fighter working with Colombian army troops in Operation Orion, 2002

Intl Court Condemns Colombia for Bloody 2002 Military Operation

An international court's condemnation of the Colombian state's role in an infamous military operation in the city of Medellín speaks to the failings of...
Mexico's military has failed to release data on killings of civilians

Mexico Army Hides Number of Civilians Killed by Armed Forces

For the past four years, the army has refused to reveal the number of civilians killed by members of the military. The justification offered is that "the army's...
Courtroom at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

Mexico Human Rights Case Brings Drug War to International Court

An international human rights court will see its first case of a forced disappearance related to the so-called "drug war" in Mexico, exerting pressure on a country...
The UN Human Rights Council

UN Body Slams Venezuela for Security Force Abuses

The United Nations has sharply criticized the heavy-handed policing tactics used in Venezuela, among several other issues, an indication of the country's growing...
Salvadoran police officer on patrol c/o Víctor Peña

Official Data Suggests El Salvador Police Kill With Impunity

El Salvador's armed forces and the National Civil Police (PNC) are killing alleged gang members at a rate of about 35 per month since the government declared war on...
Venezuela launched its OLP security initiative in July 2015

Extrajudicial Killings Accompany Venezuela Security Raids

Experts say extrajudicial killings have jumped alarmingly since the Venezuelan government began a new anti-crime initiative last year, further suggesting that...
Cover image from 2015 report by Programa Somos Defensores

Colombia’s Human Rights Defenders Are Dying for Peace

Multiple recent assassinations of Colombian human rights defenders are adding to concerns that criminal organizations are attempting to eliminate potential civilian...
US Green Berets observe members of Honduras' elite Tigres unit during a shooting drill

US Special Forces Training in LatAm Tripled Since 2007

A new report documents an increase in US Special Operations Forces training missions in Latin America, amid ongoing concerns about criminal activity in the region...