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Arrest in Cáceres Case One Piece of Larger Corruption Network in Honduras

The recent arrest of one of the alleged intellectual authors of the murder of renowned environmental activist Berta Cáceres in Honduras is a sign of progress in...

Berta Cáceres Murder Unveiled Network of Impunity for Honduras Elites

Honduras’ failure to resolve the murder of renowned environmental rights and indigenous activist Berta Cáceres two years on paints a dire picture of the state...

Weekly InSight: Is the International Consensus Around Drug Policy Shifting?

In our March Facebook Live session, Senior Investigator Deborah Bonello and Senior Editor Mike LaSusa discussed a new United Nations report on global drug control,...

UN Drug Control Board Emphasizes Prevention, Treatment in New Report

The United Nations agency in charge of monitoring compliance with international drug control agreements released a report urging countries around the world to...

Paramilitary Group in Veracruz Police Carried Out Disappearances: Attorney General

Authorities in Mexico have ordered the arrest of more than two dozen high-ranking state police officials for their alleged role in a paramilitary group accused of...

‘El Salvador Must Break the Cycle of Impunity’: UN Rep

The United Nations has it eyes set on El Salvador. In a period of a few months, four of its top experts visited the country, returning with largely damning...

GameChangers 2017: Venezuela’s Maduro Administration Strengthens Criminal Ties

Venezuela's role as a hotbed for organized crime in the Americas has deepened this year. The country’s political, economic and social crises have...
Criminal defamation lawsuits target journalists covering corruption and crime in Peru

Peru Defamation Lawsuits Are Chilling Coverage of Crime and Corruption

Several Peruvian news outlets are facing a slew of lawsuits that highlight how Peru's harsh penalties against defamation are creating a chilling effect on media...
The civilian justice system has a 3.2 percent success rate against soldiers

Mexico Reforms Failing to Prevent Rights Abuses by Military: Report

A new report reiterates that, despite reforms, Mexico is failing to adequately investigate and prosecute soldiers accused of committing abuses, a reminder of the...
Murdered Honduran activist Berta Cáceres

Berta Cáceres Murder Report Underscores Criminal Ties of Honduras Business, State

A new report has determined that a network of senior business executives and Honduran officials coordinated the murder of renowned environmental rights activist...
Brazil soldier on patrol wearing a skull mask

Brazil Senate Vote Could Shield Soldiers Charged With Abuses

Brazil's Senate approved a controversial measure that would transfer jurisdiction for alleged crimes committed by members of the armed forces to the military...
Dany Romero at the time of his 2016 arrest in El Salvador

Weekly InSight: El Salvador’s Dany Romero – Gang Leader, Activist, or Both?

In our September 28 Facebook Live session, senior editor Mike LaSusa spoke with freelance journalist Nicholas Phillips about his recent investigation into the life...