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Rio police with a body shot from a helicopter

Videos Show Apparent Extrajudicial Killings By Brazilian Police

Footage of Rio de Janeiro police shooting at people from helicopters, then laughing among dead bodies, has drawn condemnation, offering further evidence that...
Internally displaced first need Mexico govt recognition

Mexico Govt Inches Towards Recognizing Displaced

Mexico's government has pledged to focus renewed efforts on supporting the estimated 230,000 victims displaced by the country's violence last year, as international...
Brazilian teenagers gunned down in Sao Paulo

Brazilian Police Arrested After Murder of São Paulo Teens

Eight São Paulo military police have been arrested following the release of video footage showing the murder of two adolescents, in what appears to be an example...
Tens of thousands of people have gone missing in Mexico

How to Find Mexico’s Disappeared

Skepticism is the mother's milk of Mexican politics, but under pressure from human rights groups and victims’ relatives, the government may at last be ready to...
Families of disappeared people protest in Mexico

Reports on Mexico’s ‘Disappeared’ Put US in a Bind

After a slew of reports on Mexico's "disappeared," Mexicans are left to puzzle who the more than 26,000 victims are, and the US government has to question whether...
A child assassin arrested in Mexico in 2012

Mexico to Take More Responsibility for Child Recruitment by Criminal Gangs

The Mexican government is to accept its responsibilities towards children recruited by criminal gangs and other non-state armed actors, reversing a long-standing...
Protesters demand rights for Mexico's crime victims

Mexico and Colombia Victims Laws: Broad Enough to Bring Justice?

Mexico has followed Colombia's footsteps by passing a sweeping law that aims to compensate victims of the country's drug war. Both projects are incredibly...
Juarez police chief Julian Leyzaola

Police Use Brute Force to Break Crime’s Hold on Juarez

There appears to have been a security miracle in Ciudad Juarez, once one of the world's most violent cities. But while some applaud the city’s police chief, Julian...
Mexico has made little progress in curbing abuses, according to HRW

2013 Human Rights Watch Report Shows Little Improvement for Mexico

Human Rights Watch's World Report 2013 paints a grim picture of the state of human rights in Mexico, detailing widespread abuses committed by security forces in the...
Organized crime suspects displayed to media in Mexico

Mexican Govt to Stop Media Parade of Drug Suspects

The Mexican government has announced a new low-key press strategy regarding detained drug trafficking suspects, breaking away from the former administration's...