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"No more blood": Mexicans protest drug war violence

‘War on Drugs’ Subverts Human Rights, Strengthens Organized Crime: HRW

In the new annual report published by Human Rights Watch, the NGO argues that governments should decriminalize personal drug use to protect human rights, but does...
Brazil police remove a body after a shootout

Why Do Brazilian Police Kill?

An average of five people were killed by police every day in Brazil last year, according to an annual security report, revealing an entrenched culture of violence...
San Fernando farmhouse, scene of migrant massacre

US Cables Raise Questions about Mexico Migrant Massacres

US government documents obtained by a Washington DC-based non-governmental organization shed some light on one of the darkest periods in recent Mexican history: the...
450,000 children work in Paraguay

Paraguay Govt Corruption Fueling Child Prostitution: UN

The United Nations has called on Paraguay to take action on child prostitution and "high levels of corruption," two related plagues in this Southern Cone...
Colombians marching to reclaim land in Cali

BACRIM The Greatest Threat to Colombia Land Restitution: HRW

Neo-paramilitary criminal gangs are the greatest threat to Colombians trying to reclaim stolen land, according to US NGO Human Rights Watch, though these new...
More than 26,000 Mexicans have disappeared since 2006

Criminal Groups Enslaving Mexicans In ‘Forced Labor Camps’

Disappeared Mexicans are reportedly being enslaved in forced labor camps run by criminal groups, a scenario that could help account for the tens of thousands...
Mexico's disappeared number in the thousands

Mexico Security Forces Facing More Scrutiny After Accusations of Abuse

Accusations were filed against Mexican security and judicial officials for 21 extrajudicial killings and 20 forced disappearances in the first five months of 2013,...
Colombia has the world's highest number of displaced people

BACRIM Displacement Victims Win Legal Recognition in Colombia

Colombia's Constitutional Court has decreed that the National Victim's Registry must cover people displaced by the BACRIM, marking a victory for the thousands...
Guerrero residents demand action on kidnapping

Armed Men Kidnap 17 People in Mexican Town

A group of armed men have kidnapped at least 17 people after bursting into homes in the Mexican state of...
Police looking at the crime scene in Nova Holanda

Brazil Police Kill ‘Drug Traffickers’ Following Favela Protest

A security force operation in northern Rio de Janeiro has left eight people dead, as the country struggles to contain a popular uprising partly fueled by police...
Nicaragua's National Police

Victims Say Nicaragua Police Torture Prisoners

Police in Nicaragua are engaging in serious human rights abuses, according to testimony collected by a human rights organization, highlighting that even in the most...
A scene from a violent riot in Venezuela's Uribana prison

New Venezuelan Prison Regulations Seek to Protect Human Rights

Venezuela has implemented new regulations in 14 of the country's prisons in an attempt to reform the notoriously violent penal system, although it remains to be...