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A woman protesting sexual violence in Colombia

What Will New Sexual Violence Law Mean for Victims in Colombia’s Conflict?

Colombia's president has approved a law that makes acts of sexual violence committed during the country's long-standing armed conflict crimes against humanity, but...
Freddy Rendon Herrera, alias "El Aleman"

Mass Release of Paramilitaries Could Disrupt Colombia Underworld

Over 400 former paramilitary fighters in Colombia, including numerous ex-leaders, are slated for release from prison by December 2014, an event that could cause...
Guatemala's new Attorney General, Thelma Aldana

Guatemala New AG Appointment Blow to Anti-Impunity Campaigners

President Otto Perez has named Thelma Aldana as Guatemala's new attorney general, a controversial decision that raises fears of a return to impunity after four...
Paz y Paz is sworn in by former President Colom

The War of Paz y Paz: The Revolution

Since taking over in 2010, Guatemala's Attorney General Claudia Paz y Paz has waged a revolution from inside one of the country's most troubled institutions. She...
Former dictator Efrain Rios Montt during his trial

The War of Paz y Paz: The Victims

Since taking over in 2010, Guatemala's Attorney General Claudia Paz y Paz has waged a revolutionary war from inside one of the country's most troubled institutions....
Mexican journalists protesting murders of colleagues

Violence Against Media Report Shows Continued Impunity in LatAm

A newly released index ranking the countries where journalists' murders are most likely to go unpunished names three Latin American countries in the list of worst...
An Israeli "Hermes" drone in Brazil

Drone Use in Latin America: Dangers and Opportunities

Drones are gaining popularity in Latin American surveillance due to their technological advantages, but their use currently lacks a legal framework. While people...
Gang members accused of murdering a policeman in January

El Salvador to Wield Terror Laws Against Gangs

El Salvador's top prosecutor says he will use the government's anti-terrorism laws to prosecute gang members who attack police, opening the way for even tougher...
Slain activists Ribeiro da Silva and his wife, Espirito Santo

LatAm Most Dangerous in the World for Environmentalists: Report

A new report by the international watchdog group Global Witness says two-thirds of documented killings of environmentalists over the last decade occurred in Latin...
Journalism in Argentina is increasingly dangerous

Report Signals Rising Threat to Argentina Journalists

A report by a journalism watchdog in Argentina shows a pattern of increasing aggressions against journalists, with both police and drug traffickers among those...
A Wounaan man navigates through indigenous territory

Panama Indigenous Shine Light on Deforestation Caused by Illegal Activity

A documentary by indigenous communities in Panama has cast light on the catastrophic effect of illegal logging and ranching on the country's rainforest, in another...
Ex-Bogota Mayor Samuel Moreno is on trial for corruption

US State Dept Report Highlights Impact of Corruption in LatAm

The US State Department's annual Human Rights report highlights how in Latin America deeply ingrained corruption fuelled by organized crime has gravely compromised...