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Gang Violence Increasingly Spreading to Women’s Prisons in Honduras

Deadly violence within female prisons in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador is rare. But a spate of recent murders in a Honduran prison appears to be a warning...
The Aguacate airstrip allegedly used by President Zelaya’s brother to traffic drugs

Airspace Law Further Exposes Contradictory US-Honduras Drug Partnership

The approval of a new law targeting drug planes will afford the Honduras government improved access to US counternarcotics intelligence at a time when US...

Inside an MS13 Clique’s Campaign of Terror at the Honduras-El Salvador Border

The entrance to the Honduran border town of Camasca is well guarded. A column of the army’s special forces stops vehicles along the paved road that winds through...

‘Who Killed Berta Cáceres?’ – New Book Probes High-Profile Honduras Murder

When journalist Nina Lakhani first met Berta Cáceres in 2013 on the eve of the general elections in Honduras, the indigenous land defender knew she couldn’t give...

Cocaine Seizures Expose Flaws at Guatemala, Honduras Ports

The discovery of large amounts of cocaine in cargo shipped from Honduran and Guatemalan ports has revealed the difficulties in securing maritime shipping operations...

Honduras Politician’s Murder Linked to Underworld Violence in Copán

The recent murder of Hugo Pinto Aguilar, a former congressman for Honduras' ruling National Party, suggests a shift in criminal power in one of the country's prized...

The Two Deaths of Agent Sherill Hernández in Honduras

Twenty-eight-year-old Honduran investigator Sherill Yubissa Hernández Mancía died two different ways, depending on whom you ask. Found in a pool of blood by...

President of Honduras Congress Linked to Cachiros Drug Cartel: Report

A news investigation has linked the president of Honduras' congress to a major drug clan, exposing further connections between the country’s top government...

US Indictments Highlight Venezuela-Central America Drug Connections

Recent US indictments have shown in detail how Venezuela was at one point a key stepping stone for cocaine heading to the United States via Central America and how...

In Honduras, Coronavirus Lockdown is Enforced at Gunpoint

Militarized police forces are at the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic in Honduras. Yet after more than a decade building a formidable state security arsenal,...

Yet More Accusations Against Honduras President, But Will They Matter?

The latest accusations against Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernández are the most damning yet and add further weight to his alleged role as a co-conspirator in...

Francisco Reyes Pacheco, Almost the Luckiest Man in Honduras

Francisco Reyes Pacheco is facing his share of legal problems, being embroiled in a drug trafficking scandal in the United States and having been forbidden from...