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Fuzzy Math? Some Skeptical of Calderon’s Homicide Stats

With record violence registered last year in Mexico, officials are struggling to frame the drug war policy as successful, even as some critics allege that the...

Police Surge in Cordoba After Student Killings

Colombian authorities have announced a renewed offensive in the coastal province of Cordoba, where drug-trafficking gangs are clashing over the control of key...

Where Troops Surged in Mexico, So Did Homicides

Graphics published by Nexos magazine argue that Mexico's homicide rate spiked in places where President Felipe Calderon deployed the...

Murders Reveal Pattern of Femicides in Guatemala

The burned bodies of three women were found dumped by a road outside Guatemala’s capital Wednesday. The country has one of the highest rates of female homicides in...

The Cost of Mexico’s Drug War

Last year was the bloodiest year on record since Mexico’s president, Felipe Calderon, took office four years...

Calderon Administration Releases Official 2006-2010 Homicide Figures

More than 34,000 Mexicans have died in drug trafficking-related homicides in the four years since Mexico’s president, Felipe Calderon, declared war on the drug...

Ciudad Juarez Registers Record Murder Rate

Ciudad Juarez, the epicenter of the Mexican drug war and the strategic crossing point for illegal narcotics entering the United States, recorded its highest rate of...

2010 Trends and Stories About Organized Crime in the Americas

The year 2010 saw a series of major successes in the governments' attempts to fight organized crime. From Mexico to Colombia, several top level criminals were...

Verdad Abierta: 2010 Most Violent Year Since AUC Demobilization

An analysis by the think tank Verdad Abierta says that the largest criminal bands in Colombia, including the ERPAC, Rastrojos, Urabeños, Paisas and Aguilas Negras,...