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Family of the North Likely Close to Its End in Manaus, Brazil

The city of Manaus has awoken red in recent weeks: the painting of the Red Command gang's insignia "CV" on its walls, the chanting of "Vermelho" (red) from its...

Overview of Violence Against Social Leaders in Colombia

Social leaders across Colombia were murdered at an almost unprecedented rate in 2019, and for a wide range of causes. Criminal gangs seeking to protect their...

Los Ardillos Continue Terrorizing Indigenous Communities of Guerrero, Mexico

Images of children as young as six toting machine guns have gone around the world, but they are but the latest worrying development in the rapidly shifting criminal...

US Deportations to El Salvador Sending Migrants to Their Deaths: Report

A Human Rights Watch investigation has found that more than 100 people were killed after deportation from the United States to El Salvador,...

After Prosecutor’s Murder, Will Colombia Protect Its Anti-Crime Crusaders?

A murky investigation into the assassination of a leading prosecutor in Cali puts at risk the country's ability to protect the lawyers and judges investigating...
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InSight Crime’s 2019 Homicide Round-Up

Unrest gripped much of Latin America and the Caribbean throughout 2019. From record violence in Mexico that recalled the darkest days of the drug war,...

Are El Salvador’s Gangs Behind Historic Murder Drop?

El Salvador has ended 2019 with its lowest murder rate in years. But though the government has taken credit for the drop, there are likely multiple factors at...

GameChangers 2019: Backwards to the Future

Welcome to InSight Crime's Criminal GameChangers 2019, where we highlight the most important trends in organized crime in the Americas over the course of the year....

Can Brazil Ever Guarantee the Safety of Ride-Sharing Drivers?

The recent murders of four drivers in Brazil show the country’s ride-sharing apps are struggling to keep their staff safe, despite increasing security...

Wave of Murders Hits Small Coca-Producing Town in Northern Colombia

Murders have spiked in a northern Colombia town that borders Venezuela, is home to armed groups, and has an abundance of coca -- an explosive...

What Explains Brazil’s Homicide Decline?

Brazil is the world's murder capital. No other country even comes close. That is why it was big news when the country's Minister...

Why Are Political Candidates Being Assassinated in Colombia?

The murder of seven candidates in Colombia’s upcoming municipal election in just one month, the highest rate since 2015, has raised new questions about the...