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A crime scene in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Report Blames ‘Organized Crime’ for Spike in Homicides

A government report on homicides in Costa Rica concludes that organized crime is driving the rising violence in the country, but the study's shaky methodology...
Some parts of the Colombian countryside are seeing murders spike

Pockets of Rising Violence in Rural Colombia Despite National Drop in Murders

While Colombia boasts its lowest homicide rate in nearly half a century, pockets of spiking violence in several rural areas tell a different story -- that of armed...
Honduras National Police officers

Violence in Honduras Capital City Follows Past Trends

A new report mapping violence in Honduras' capital suggests that the country's gangs remain a root cause driving the violence, a finding consistent with years past...
A murder victim in Brazil

Rising Violence Across Brazil Hits North Especially Hard

New figures show that violence is rising across Brazil. But the country's deteriorating security situation has hit the north particularly hard, providing a snapshot...
Depiction of a homicide crime scene

Report Analyzes Guatemala’s Shaky Murder Data, Urges Improvements

A new report examines official homicide data in Guatemala, and echoes the findings of an extensive investigation by InSight Crime that showed accurate and reliable...
Can US jurisdiction reach too far?

As US Prosecutes Foreign Crimes, How Far Can Its Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Reach?

The sentencing of a Zetas cartel assassin in Texas is the latest example of US prosecutors applying extraterritorial jurisdiction to foreign nationals for crimes...
Pistols were the most common weapon seized from crime scenes

New Data Reinforces Link Between Guns, Violence in Latin America

New US government data tracking the international flow of firearms provides additional evidence that guns remain a driving force behind high levels of violence and...
Police forces gathered in Mexico City

Increased Mexico Security Spending Not Delivering Security Gains: Report

A recent report by a think tank in Mexico underscores that increased security spending has done little to temper escalating rates of violence in the country,...
A demonstrator in Venezuela, the country's with the world's worst "law and order" score

Latin America Again Ranks as World’s Least Secure Region: Report

For the eighth year in a row, an annual report from the Gallup polling organization has ranked Latin America as the least secure region in the world,...
Mexico nightclub attacks killed 173 between 2015 and 2017

Increasing Mexico Nightclub Attacks Show Crime Groups’ Brazenness

Attacks on Mexico's nightclubs are on the rise, suggesting criminal groups are becoming increasingly willing to use public violence, and highlighting the collateral...
Drug consumption is heightening violence in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Local Drug Consumption Fueling Rising Murder Rate

An increase in domestic drug sales and consumption in Costa Rica appears to be fueling rising homicides, but authorities have tended to blame foreign crime groups...
Latin America is the most murderous region for land rights, environmental activists

LatAm is Most Murderous Region for Land, Environmental Activists: Report

Latin America is the most dangerous region in the world for activists fighting for their land or trying to safeguard the environment, according to a Global Witness...