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Guatemalan soldiers eradicating poppy crops in San Marcos

Guatemala Announces Heroin Poppy Crop Substitution Program

Guatemala's interior minister has announced plans for a crop substitution program for poppy farmers, suggesting the government will take a more integrated approach...
Guatemala police eradicating poppy

Guatemala Military Brigade to Fight Poppy Production Near Mexico

The Guatemalan military will deploy a special brigade to its northwestern border with Mexico, dedicated to combating the poppy trade, a new stage in Guatemala's...

Colombia Detains ‘Major’ Heroin Trafficker

Colombia arrested one of the country's main heroin traffickers, drawing attention to the country's importance to the regional heroin trade despite poppy crops...
Heroin seized by airport officials in Guatemala City

Guatemala Seizes Second Heroin Shipment in a Week

Guatemalan airport authorities seized their second large shipment of heroin in a week, giving further evidence that Guatemala may be becoming a favored midway point...

Guatemala Seizes Over 100 Kilos of Liquid Heroin From Europe

Guatemala seized over 100 kilograms of liquid heroin reportedly shipped from Europe, suggesting the drug may have have been produced in Afghanistan and marking an...

Guatemala Eradicates $300 Mn Heroin Poppy

Guatemala reported eradicating more than $300 million worth of heroin poppy crops this week in San Marcos province, which borders on Mexico, in an indication of the...

Arrests Shed Light on ‘Mini Cartels’ Which Run Colombia’s Heroin Trade

Colombian police reported breaking up two heroin smuggling rings, pointing to links between major criminal groups and the little-known independent traffickers who...

Ecuador’s Poppy Find Points to Growing Heroin Production

Ecuador destroyed some 411,000 poppy plants in a central province, in another indication that heroin production could be on the rise in the Andean...

Mexico Seizes 3.6 Tons of ‘Opium Paste’

Mexico announced the confiscation of 3.6 tons of a substance thought to be opium paste, the largest seizure of opiates in the country's...

Ecuador Poppy Field Find Highlights Shifting Heroin Production

The discovery of an illicit poppy field in Ecuador draws attention to increasing production of heroin in Latin America, with the crop moving into new territories...

Panama Makes Biggest Ever Heroin Seizure

Panama authorities confiscated more than 600 kilos of heroin, worth at least $70 million, from a car in a remote town on the Caribbean...

Do Mexico Cartels Control the US Heroin Trade?

Mexican cartels have reportedly established a presence in over 230 U.S. cities, turning states like South Carolina into new hubs for the heroin trade along the East...