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Many of Haiti's gangs have a political agenda

Haiti Gang Boss Threatens Revenge Shootings

The leader of an armed gang in Haiti has threatened to take revenge if three "innocent" young people arrested last week are not released, highlighting the grip...
Haitian children beg on the streets of Santa Domingo

Dominican Police Dismantle Haitian Child Trafficking Ring

Police in the Dominican Republic have broken up a criminal operation that smuggled in children from Haiti then forced them to beg on the streets, highlighting a...
Coast Guard officials in Florida unload seized cocaine in March 2012

US Senators Warn of Potential ‘Security Crisis’ in Caribbean

A new United States Senate report argues that the Caribbean faces a potential security crisis, and that the US must take action to prevent a future increase in drug...
A Haitian police officer

Report Highlights How Common Crime is Costing Haiti’s Poorest

A new report finds that violence and police corruption is on the rise in Haiti’s cities and is resulting in serious economic costs that disproportionately affect...

Haiti Cracks Down on Pro-Army March

Haitian authorities arrested some 59 people, including two US citizens, after a march calling for the reinstatement of the military turned violent, raising doubts...

Study: Homicides Rising in Haiti, Confidence in Police Slipping

A recent survey of 3,000 people in Haiti shows a dramatic rise in homicides in the past four months and declining confidence in the police, as instability worsens...

Who is Funding Illicit Army Training Camps in Haiti?

The existence of squads of former soldiers who have regrouped to train and demand the recreation of Haiti's army leads to questions of who funds these groups, and...

UN: Violence, Gang Activity on the Rise in Caribbean

A new UN report paints an alarming picture of the crime surge in the Caribbean, a trend that may escalate if drug trafficking groups come under increasing pressure...

US Predicts Return to Caribbean Drug Trafficking Routes

A State Department official predicts that over the next few years traffickers will increasingly return to using the Caribbean to smuggle drugs into the...

Haiti President Moves Forward with Plan to Restore Army

President Michel Martelly may keep his campaign promise to revive the Haitian army, which he has said would be used to combat drug trafficking and...

Haiti’s New Leader Faces Daunting Security Challenges

As Haiti's President Michel Martelly begins his first week in power, among the legions of challenges facing the new leader is breaking the grip of organized crime...

Corruption in Dominican Security Forces Aids Drug Trafficking

More than 5,000 members of the Dominican security forces have been fired over the last three years amid accusations of widespread corruption, as Hispaniola remains...