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Guy Philippe, wanted by the DEA and the Haitian government, was recently elected senator in Haiti

Senator-elect in Haiti One of DEA’s Most Wanted

A Haitian sought by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for drug trafficking and money laundering was elected senator in his home country, an illustration...
Cuban migrants stranded in Turbo, Colombia

Migrant Boom Provides Colombia’s Criminal Groups With Opportunity

A large influx of migrants from the Caribbean and other regions landing in Colombia has provided the country's criminal groups with a ready-made opportunity to...
UN peacekeeping forces in Haiti

Haiti Political Instability Complicates Efforts to Confront Crime

A new report published by the United Nations illustrates the challenges of confronting ongoing crime and violence in Haiti, problems that are likely to be...
DNCD officers display seized drugs

Dominican Republic Claims Drug Traffickers Turning to Haiti

Officials in the Dominican Republic assert drug traffickers are now diverting shipments to neighboring Haiti, a suspicious claim that nonetheless highlights larger...

US Deports Former Haiti Cocaine Kingpin

The United States has deported former cocaine kingpin Beaudouin "Jacques" Ketant back to Haiti, leaving their former star witness to an uncertain...
A domestic servant in Haiti

Mexico, Haiti Have Highest Numbers of ‘Modern Slaves’ In the Americas

The Global Slavery Index has identified Mexico, Haiti, and Brazil as the countries with the highest number of people subjected to modern slavery in the Americas,...
Former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide

Haiti’s Ex-President Under House Arrest

A judge in Haiti has placed former President Jean Bertrand-Aristide under house arrest amid an ongoing corruption probe, a case that Aristide's supporters have...
Clifford Brandt, who escaped from prison in Haiti

Prison Break in Haiti Highlights Flailing Justice System

Authorities in Haiti are scrambling to recapture more than 300 prisoners who escaped during an attack on a prison near the capital, pointing to serious weaknesses...
Haitian immigrants often travel through Peru to Brazil

New Peru Human Smuggling Groups Points to New Migration Patterns

Authorities in Peru have identified seven human trafficking groups responsible for smuggling undocumented migrants through the country and into Brazil, highlighting...
Haiti migrants with coyotes in Puerto Maldonado

Report Details Peru’s Role in Haiti-Brazil Human Smuggling

A newspaper investigation has shed light on the role "coyotes" and corrupt Peruvian police play in a trade that sees thousands of migrants from Haiti illegally...
Haitian migrants in Peru

Peru Targets ‘Coyotes’ Facilitating Haiti to Brazil Illegal Migration

Peru has announced measures to combat human smuggling networks that facilitate illegal migration from Haiti to Brazil, highlighting the country's role in a...
Arms seized from a Haitian kidnapping gang

How Haiti Successfully Curbed Kidnappings

Until recently, abductions in Haiti were rampant and almost always happened the same way: ski-mask-clad kidnappers would surround a house, force entry, ransack the...