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Jamaica and Haiti Swap Drugs and Guns

Criminal gangs in Jamaica and Haiti are engaged in a deadly trade: the exchange of marijuana for...

Haiti Police, Senator Implicated in US Arms Trafficking Case

A Florida gun shop owner was recently convicted for trafficking firearms to Haiti with the help of a senator and several other top government officials, raising...

Insecurity in Haiti Laid Groundwork for Trafficking Ring in Chile

Authorities in Chile have dismantled a transnational network that used travel agencies to traffic Haitian migrants, highlighting how push factors from Haiti and...

Corruption Survey Shows Latin America Still Struggling to Tackle Graft

A new survey says that despite some advances made in recent years, Latin America and the Caribbean continue to score poorly for corruption, underscoring ongoing...
Haiti is training a new army

Haiti’s Revived Military Could Pose More Security Risks Than Solutions

Haiti is reconstituing its previously disbanded army after more than two decades, amid concerns about growing insecurity as a United Nations peacekeeping force is...
Haiti’s prisons are the most overcrowded in the world

Report Proposes Offering Legal Aid to Curtail Prison Overcrowding in Haiti

A recent report advocates increasing legal assistance for Haiti's prisoners awaiting trial, an initiative that could lessen some of the human and financial losses...
Haiti Senator-elect Guy Philippe

Haiti Senator-Elect Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering in US

A senator-elect from Haiti pleaded guilty in a US federal court to money laundering charges, raising the question of whether or not he will provide information on...
A UN peacekeeper in Haiti

Drawdown of UN Mission Could Impact Organized Crime in Haiti

The United Nations voted to end a stabilizing mission in Haiti shortly after the release of a report documenting allegations of sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers,...
Inmates in one of Haiti's prisons

Haiti’s Hellish Prisons Symbolize Broken Justice System

A recent report by the Associated Press depicts hellish and lethal conditions suffered by inmates in Haiti's jails, providing further evidence that, like many...
Haiti President-elect Jovenel Moïse is facing money laundering allegations

Money Laundering Case against Haiti President-Elect Threatens Island Stability

An investigation into Haiti's President-elect Jovenel Moïse for money laundering has begun just weeks before his inauguration, a case that could destabilize the...
Lynchings count for 15 percent of Haiti's homicides

Over 400 Vigilante Killings Have Gone Unpunished in Haiti: UN

A recent UN report indicates that the majority of instances in which citizens take justice into their own hands in Haiti are never investigated, an indication of...
Guy Philippe during his first appearance before a US judge

Haiti Senator-Elect Pleads Not Guilty to US Drug Charges

Former Haitian rebel leader and Senator-elect Guy Philippe pleaded not guilty to drug trafficking and money laundering charges presented today in a Miami court, a...