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Camp Street prison destroyed during riot

Guyana Prison Riot, Fire Create Major Security Headache

A massive prison riot that occurred in Guyana's capital this past weekend could have serious ramifications on the country's overall security situation, while also...
The semi-submersible vessel

In First, Guyana Finds ‘Narco’ Submarine

In a sign that transport groups may be getting even more serious about trafficking illicit goods across the Atlantic Ocean, authorities in Guyana have discovered a...
Guyana could be blacklisted over money laundering

Guyana May be Placed on Money Laundering Blacklist Amid Rise in Organized Crime

Guyana is at risk of being placed on an international money laundering black list after the government failed to pass relevant legislation, even as organized crime...
Guyana opposition politician David Granger

Guyana Is Becoming a ‘Narco-State’: Ex-Military Commander

A former military commander in Guyana has sounded the alarm that the country is in danger of becoming a "narco-state," with the emergence of ties to European...
Guyana's President Donald Ramotar

Guyana Call for Help Shows Limited Capacity to Combat Drug Threat

Authorities in Guyana have called on international law enforcement bodies to assist them with investigations in the wake of a transnational drug bust, in a move...
New York police lead away a suspect

US, Italy Arrests Show Cocaine Trade’s Evolution

A billion dollar drug smuggling operation linked to the Italian mafia and dismantled by authorities in the United States and Italy had established a route between...

US Pledges 500K in Security Aid to Guyana

Although the United States government has promised $500,000 to Guyana in security aid, it may not be enough to overcome political resistance towards fighting drug...

Guyana Struggles to Face Crime Challenge

Often overlooked in regional security assessments, South America’s only English-speaking country is rapidly becoming a hotspot for organized...

Guyana Not a Narco-State, Declares Guyanese Govt

In what appears to be a severe case of selective hearing, the Guyanese government has released a triumphant press statement celebrating its absence from the U.S.’s...

Brazil Police Seize 18,000 Ecstasy Pills

Federal Police found 18,000 ecstasy tablets in north Brazil, in the country's largest synthetic drug seizeure so far this year, according to O Globo...