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Corruption, Containers, Cocaine: Guyana’s Role In Transnational Drug Trafficking

A recent string of high-profile interceptions targeting international drug trafficking operations have confirmed Guyana remains a crucial transit point for cocaine...

Record Cocaine Haul at Belgium Port Uncovers Police Corruption

Authorities in Belgium have arrested a former top counter-narcotics official who they say is being investigated for suspected involvement with a ring that concealed...

Venezuela’s Birds Smuggled to Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana and Beyond

Shocking images of dead birds floating in the Caribbean have exposed a thriving illegal wildlife trade between Venezuela and Trinidad and...
Tangara cabeciazul hallado en una caja en el aeropuerto internacional de Lima, Perú

Songbirds to Raptor Eggs, the Looting of Latin America’s Bird Species

The case of an infamous Irish trafficker who is facing extradition to Brazil for stealing peregrine falcon eggs has brought attention to the diverse ways in which...

GameChangers 2019: 10 Predictions for Organized Crime in 2020

The year was one of political tumult, fed in no small part by organized crime and its favored weapon: corruption. The region appeared to take a step backwards...

Guyana’s Mining Region is Open Door to Venezuelan Organized Crime

A recent Crisis Group report explores criminal dynamics in the Guyanese mining region bordering Venezuela, revealing how the chaos and violence of Venezuela’s...

Guyana Optimistic About Anti-Corruption Fight Although Resource Curse Looms

Guyanese citizens are optimistic about their country’s progress in the fight against corruption, although Guyana still faces major challenges to prepare itself to...
Camp Street prison destroyed during riot

Guyana Prison Riot, Fire Create Major Security Headache

A massive prison riot that occurred in Guyana's capital this past weekend could have serious ramifications on the country's overall security situation, while also...
The semi-submersible vessel

In First, Guyana Finds ‘Narco’ Submarine

In a sign that transport groups may be getting even more serious about trafficking illicit goods across the Atlantic Ocean, authorities in Guyana have discovered a...
Guyana could be blacklisted over money laundering

Guyana May be Placed on Money Laundering Blacklist Amid Rise in Organized Crime

Guyana is at risk of being placed on an international money laundering black list after the government failed to pass relevant legislation, even as organized crime...
Guyana opposition politician David Granger

Guyana Is Becoming a ‘Narco-State’: Ex-Military Commander

A former military commander in Guyana has sounded the alarm that the country is in danger of becoming a "narco-state," with the emergence of ties to European...
Guyana's President Donald Ramotar

Guyana Call for Help Shows Limited Capacity to Combat Drug Threat

Authorities in Guyana have called on international law enforcement bodies to assist them with investigations in the wake of a transnational drug bust, in a move...