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Mexican Police Handed Missing Students to Drug Cartel: Official

Police in Guerrero state, Mexico, collaborated with a drug cartel to kill a group of student protesters, according to the state attorney general, highlighting...
The army killed 22 alleged criminals in the State of Mexico

Mexico Army Kills 22 in Campaign Against Warring Splinter Groups

Mexico's army has killed 22 alleged members of the Guerreros Unidos drug gang, a cartel splinter group causing chaos in southern Mexico, which may have provoked the...
Violence is up in the State of Mexico

Mexico State Violence a Reflection of Chaotic Underworld

Mexico's gangland violence is licking once again at the crowded and chaotic edges of the nation's capital, claiming more than two score lives since January 14 and...
A message by the Guerreros Unidos in 2011

Re-emergence of Splinter Criminal Group is Bad Sign for Mexico

The resurfacing of Guerreros Unidos, a fragment of a larger transnational criminal organization whose leader was arrested in July, calls into question the...

Mexico Takes Down Guerrero Gang, But How Long Before Another Rises?

While Mexican authorities have dealt a blow to a powerful Guerrero-based gang, the state's seemingly endless number of emerging gangs suggests that another will...

In Mexico, Cartel Fragments Battle for Control of Morelos

Splinters of once-powerful criminal cartels are causing havoc in the central state of Morelos, in an example of how much of Mexico's violence is now driven by newly...