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The victim, Alexander Mora Venancio

Autopsy Contrasts with Mexico Govt’s Typical Response

Authorities' detailed, careful autopsy of one of the 43 students missing since a September protest in the state of Guerrero stands in stark contrast to the opaque,...
A message signed in the name of the Guerreros Unidos

Lingering Question from Mexico Student Massacre: Why?

As Mexico struggles to come to terms with the mass murder of 43 students in Guerrero, among the many unanswered questions is why the group behind the killings did...
43 student teachers disappeared near Iguala, Mexico

The Disappeared of Iguala, Mexico: A Crime Foretold

Nearly two months after the disappearance of 43 students in Guerrero, southwest Mexico, the government is racing to show that justice is being done, that the bodies...
The Iguala ex-mayor and his wife, both accused of narco ties

Mexico Mayors’ Narco Ties Go Far Beyond Iguala

Government information indicates that 12 mayors across Guerrero, Mexico may have criminal ties -- suggesting that a dynamic pushed into the public eye by the case...

Iguala Massacre: Mexico’s PR Message Goes Up in Flames

The stunning, dramatic blow-by-blow account of what most likely happened to the 43 missing students in Guerrero is an indication of just how desperately Mexico...
Mexico's Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam

Mexico Captures Mayor over Student Disappearances

A former mayor in Guerrero, Mexico -- who has been on the run since 43 student protesters were disappeared in late September -- has been captured along with his...
Police record another clandestine grave in Guerrero

Mass Graves, Disappearances Signal Trouble for Guerrero, Mexico

With more than 150 bodies reportedly found in clandestine graves and 240 people missing thus far this year in Guerrero, Mexico, it is clear the southwest Pacific...
Iguala mayor Jose Luis Abarca Velazquez and his wife, Maria de los Angeles Pineda Villa

Mexico Blames Mayor, Wife in Missing Students Case

Authorities in Mexico have accused the former mayor of Iguala of ordering the attack against 43 students who went missing in the state of Guerrero, another...
Police arrested in student disappearances case

Guerreros Unidos Leader Captured As Search for Missing Students Continues

Authorities in Mexico have captured an alleged leader of the criminal group Guerreros Unidos, who have been accused of collaborating with police in the...
Mexico's Prosecutor General Jesus Murillo Karam

Bodies In Mass Graves Not Those of Mexico’s Missing Students: Prosecutor

Authorities in Mexico say none of the bodies found in the mass graves in Iguala belong to missing student protesters, another indication that such brutal atrocities...
A frame from the ERPI video

Mexico Guerrillas Challenge Guerreros Unidos Gang

Following attacks against student protesters in Mexico's Guerrero state, a guerrilla group has declared war on the Guerreros Unidos criminal organization, a move...
Photographs of the missing student protesters in Iguala

Guerreros Unidos, The New Face of Mexico Organized Crime?

A recent massacre of student protesters in the turbulent state of Guerrero has shined a spotlight on the Guerreros Unidos -- the criminal organization reportedly...